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what is the role of landing pages in the IT sector?

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Known as landing pages, they play an essential role in the Inbound methodology and are designed to convert visitors into sales opportunities. We are talking about landing pages, are you ready to know how they work?

what is a landing page?

páginas de destino en el sector ITYou read a piece of content. You click on the call to action (CTA) that accompanies it. Suddenly, you find yourself in front of a web page that you have arrived at as a result of your tempting action. You have discovered the possibility of accessing a valid content offer for what you need, but, first, you have to fill in a form with the data requested. At this point, prospects ask themselves the following question: What do I receive in exchange for providing information about me?

Thus, we can speak of landing pages as a web place that allows your technology company to capture a visitor's information through a lead form. They are designed precisely to convert visitors into sales opportunities. Immediately after this step, you are directed to a thank you page, the place where the content offer is delivered.

Landing pages have become digital representatives that collect information about your company's potential customers in the IT sector, so they are a perfect way to build relationships with your leads.

how is the landing page different from other landing pages?

The main difference between an IT landing page and the other pages on your website lies in its purpose. The ultimate goal of landing pages is to achieve conversions, so we refer to the conversion process: visitors - leads - customers - promoters.

3 key elements in your landing page:

  1. Have a purpose: We must put our effort, effort and focus on the valuable content we offer. The content on the landing page should not be excessive, as we should not saturate it with too much information.
  2. Avoid placing links. If we place links on the landing page, we will be distracting the visitor from the main purpose. Basic information, as well as an image and a form are the perfect elements to be part of the landing page of your company in the IT sector.
  3. Aesthetics: Maintaining harmony between all the elements of the landing page will be key to achieving your main objective, so presence is decisive. To achieve this, you will have to try several alternatives with the elements until you find the form that best suits you.

how do we apply landing pages to convert strangers into sales opportunities?

Applying the Inbound methodology is a long and complex process. However, despite the possibilities that can be considered at each step of its development, as well as the small achievements and goals that we set ourselves, there is a common final objective in all its phases: to convert strangers into sales opportunities. To achieve this, in the course of landing pages in the IT sector, we must apply the following steps:

  • Clear, concise and action-oriented title. At this point, we must keep in mind that we are trying to communicate how our offer is going to help visitors. For this reason, it is convenient to use the word that best suits them. For example, if they have to download an eBook, the best option would be to use the word 'download'. In general, it is convenient to use action verbs and to indicate and explain what is being offered and what the benefit they will get from the offer will be.
  • Eliminate navigation menus: Our goal is to show a landing page capable of keeping the visitor focused on the action, so we have to avoid the presence of any element that may mislead them or interrupt their process, such as: navigation menus, links, etc. Get rid of all possible distractions!
  • Value: Make it clear what the value of the offer is for the buyers of your technology company.
  • Form length: The length and information in the form fields should be in line with the value of the offer.
  • Include a relevant image or a video that is not too long.
  • Share the offer: Taking advantage of the option to add icons to share the offer on social networks will allow our visitors to spread the information on them.

At this point, in our company in the IT sector we should ask ourselves the following question: How much is my visitor willing to share with me to get this offer?

how does a landing page collect information about visitors to my site?

So far, we have talked about forms. Generally, all landing pages use them to collect information from their visitors. The role they play is fundamental, because without them it would not be possible to carry out a conversion process from visitor to sales opportunity. The information we get through these forms will be the key to create relationships with the sales opportunities of our technology company, reason enough to consider landing pages as the core of the conversion stage in the Inbound Marketing methodology. Remember that the more landing pages there are on your website, the more opportunities to convert will exist

At this point, the buyer's journey becomes particularly important. The landing page must be clear enough so that, at a glance, the visitor can understand what the nature of the offer is and why it is valuable to them.

Try out different options and don't be afraid to make mistakes - nothing takes longer to get there than what you never start!

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