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how can I become a hubspot partner?

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Before we tell you a little more about how to become a hubspot partner, it is important that you know what Hubspot is. Hubspot is an expert marketing company that offers digital solutions and data analysis for any company that hires its services and is a software that is used to implement inbound marketing strategies in a simple way. That's right, it is a lead capture tool that encompasses all the necessary functionalities to do so from a single platform. Hubspot also has a partner program that offers multiple advantages for each of them. The objective of this program is to market the HubSpot platform through partners or affiliates who are provided with training and all the necessary resources to make the strategy work.

Main goals of the hubspot partner programme:

  1. increase revenue per customer by offering high quality automated inbound marketing services.

  1. to implement ROI-based data analysis services, which allow to know at any time what is the status of the investment.

  1. maximise customer retention, as loyalty and consistency are an essential part of success.

The hubspot partner programme

The hubspot partner programme provides you with a group of experts in marketing, sales, customer service, web design, CRM and IT. It is a global community for those looking to put their customers first and allows members to offer a wider range of A1 solutions. There are two ways to become a hubspot partner, the first is to join the App Partner Program and the other is to join the Startup Partner Program.

If you are a customer-focused agency, service provider or reseller and you want to learn, grow your business and use the best technology, don't hesitate to become a hubspot partner. But how do you know if the programme is for you? If your company offers business, technology, sales, marketing or customer service strategy consulting or if you offer technical implementation services including CRM, system integrations or IT services or hands-on marketing, sales or customer service services, this is the solution for you.

Benefits of the hubspot partner program

  • Total digitisation of marketing efforts: HubSpot achieves complete strategy integration with this programme created exclusively to reduce costs and save time. In addition, the data analysis of its CRM allows the strategy to work, as it reduces the margin of error. It also allows you to create lists to filter different groups or segments within the total database of your company. In this way, your sales team does a more efficient job, focusing on specific strategies for each stage of the sales funnel.

  • Constant growth: HubSpot encourages the development of each company in the digital sphere, which positions them in their respective niche, gives extra prestige to the brand and allows you to adjust each strategy based on the results in order to increase them.

  • Professional training: HubSpot supports its partners by providing them with training, workshops or events to understand the importance of Inbound Marketing in the business world. It also shows constant support to attract leads and provides accurate data on Return On Investment (ROI).

Types of hubspot partner programs

1. App Partner Program

If you are a developer or a company looking to grow through the creation of applications on HubSpot's open platform, this programme is for you. In this programme you can perform two actions: create an application and publish it in the App Marketplace.

Step 1: Create your app

HubSpot offers a quick start guide, API documentation and developer community to create an app that customers will love. Don't hesitate to offer this solution to your customers.

Step 2: Embed your app

The next step after creating your app is to create a listing in the App Marketplace. Once your app is approved, all HubSpot users and customers will be able to search for it.

Benefits of the App Partner Program

  • Distribution

Not only free HubSpot users will be able to access your app, but more than 121,000 customers looking to find solutions to their business challenges.

  • Support

You won't be alone - in the process of building your app, you'll have direct access to developer support and partner managers to help you innovate.

  • Community

HubSpot's community stays connected through exclusive events, newsletters and forums to help you increase your knowledge and develop your skills.

2. Startup Partner Program

If you are an accelerator, incubator or venture capital firm that wants to help grow your business, this program is for you. HubSpot for Startups' main goal is to help startups not only grow, but succeed. This program includes HubSpot's Growth Suite software, as well as other benefits.

Startup Partner Program Benefits

  • Educational Resources

HubSpot offers consistent, top-notch content for startups, including on-demand videos, content kits, an ever-growing library of resources, and more - in short, useful content that will help you strategize and execute.

  • Diverse programming

HubSpot offers a diverse schedule of events, virtual workshops and masterclasses throughout the year, allowing startups to learn tangible strategies that they can apply to expand their businesses.

  • Startup-friendly pricing

HubSpot for startups offers them solutions for growth at a price that fits their budgets.

Finally, to become a hubspot partner you just have to choose the programme that fits your company and your budget and select it from the HubSpot website. At Occam we are a hubspot Platinum partner and we can tell you for sure that this is a complete tool to help your company grow better with expert support.

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