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what is a brand image study and how to create one?

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One of the most important points within an ecommerce is the brand, if you have a good brand image, it will be much easier to get leads, and thus sales. Don't know what brand image is? Don't know how to carry out a brand image study? Don't worry, read on and we will tell you everything you need to know.

what is brand image?

We can define brand image as a set of elements that represent the values that a company wants to transmit to its consumers. These elements can include the logo, the corporate colour, the design or the contents, in other words, everything that can transmit the company's values.

The products that a brand offers are important as they are the main element of the company and the quality of these depends on whether the brand is successful or not, but what is really important for the brand image are the emotions that you want to transmit, that is, the feelings that you manage to awaken in consumers just by thinking about your brand. We must not only focus the strategy on selling products, we also sell sensations.

why is brand image important?

Brand image is the most important element in the long term to get our potential customers to notice us, as this will be the first impression that consumers will have of us, and thanks to this brand image, they will forge an opinion about us.

We have to bear in mind that we cannot tell consumers what they should think of us, but thanks to a lot of marketing, advertising and branding strategies, we will manage to bring to the public the brand image that is closest to us. The actions we carry out as a brand accumulate in the consumer's head, which will help them decide whether or not they trust our products and services. To be able to do all this, what is necessary is to carry out a SWOT analysis in which we can see what weaknesses and strengths exist in our company and in our competitors'.

what is a brand image study and what is it for?

A brand image study allows us to analyse what our brand image is and to understand what we are transmitting to our real and potential clients. This study helps us to know what place we occupy in people's minds, something that helps us to compare ourselves with the competition.

This study helps us to see if they know our company and if so, if the reputation we have is positive or negative, this helps us a lot to know the value of our brand, something that has an immediate effect on sales and profits, if the value of our brand is positive, we will increase sales and profits, but if in the opposite case is negative, will decrease, which greatly affects the company.

By creating a good brand image study, we will know in a simple way and in a short time if the perception that customers have of your brand is positive or not.

how to create a brand image study?

There are a series of factors to take into account when starting a brand image study:

  1. Identify your audiences
    The most important thing is to know your buyer persona. Once you are clear about who you are targeting, you will be able to shape your brand image by gathering data about your potential customers. With this information it will be much easier for you to tailor your brand image. You will have the right image.

  2. Different measurement techniques

    We have to find out if the brand is present in the minds of customers and above all, how they perceive it, whether the image is positive or negative is very important. A survey is a very important element to measure the brand image, there are four factors that will help us to achieve this:

    There are four main factors to take into account when conducting a brand image survey, these are four indispensable areas to know your audience and what they think of you:

    1. 1. Cognitive factor

    The aim of this area is to understand what consumers associate with your brand, i.e. what they think of it, and this can be done through different types of questions:

    • Open-ended question: The consumer is asked directly something that needs to be explained and involves them answering in their own words.

    Example: What do you think of when you hear the name of our brand?

    • Question with a list: A question is asked with different answers that we give the consumer to choose from, focusing on the options they have to answer.

    Example: Which of these words best defines the brand?

    • Scaled question: We ask them a question, usually about their satisfaction with some aspect of the brand, experience or products and they have to choose a number from 1 to 10, with ten being the highest satisfaction.

    Example: How satisfied do you feel when you consume our brand?

    1. 2. Emotional factor

    In this area we focus on identifying the feelings that consumers have about the brand.

    • Open-ended question: What feeling does the brand give you?
    • List question: Which of these feelings does the brand arouse in you?
    • Scaled question: How happy do you feel when you buy a product from the brand?

    1. 3. Language factor

    If we find out how consumers describe the brand to others, we will know how they understand it and how they represent it in their minds.

    • Open-ended question: What words would you use to describe the brand?
    • Open-ended question: How would you describe the brand to a friend?
    • List question: Which of these words do you think describe the brand?

    1. 4. Action factor

    With this we will understand how positive or negative the consumer's previous experience with the brand has been.

    • Open-ended question: How would you describe your experience with the brand?
    • List question: Which of these options describes your experience?
    • Scaled question: How likely are you to recommend the brand?

  3. Never forget your competition
    Focusing on our brand image is important, but don't forget about our competitors, as their brand image influences ours. We need the customer to choose us over our competitors, so it is very important that they perceive our brand as better than others, or at least that they perceive that we can satisfy their needs better.

After these tips, if you are thinking of improving your brand image, the best option for this is to carry out a study, this will help you in the best possible way to enter the minds of our potential customers.

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