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what is corporate image?

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You can't see it, touch it or measure it, but it makes the difference between being a memorable brand or not. How do you explain it?

Corporate image is the way we perceive a brand. How does the public see you? What makes your brand recognisable? And memorable? Now, the other way around. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Coca Cola? What is the first impression? Why do you remember it?

The answer lies in the corporate image. For it to work, it must replicate the company's values and personality. And that's not something you can keep changing - your corporate image must always be the same.

how do you make them remember you?

The 4 things you should know about corporate image

Memorable brands are those that have a good understanding of what branding is all about, what corporate image is and how to create it. However, we often tend to confuse these terms.

That is why we have made a compilation of all the things that you overlook and that are vital to work on your corporate image correctly (if you haven't already done so):

  • what is branding?

Defining and building a brand through the global management of all the elements that surround it, from graphic design to communication and positioning. This is where naming, brand architecture and brand loyalty, corporate identity and the rest of the resources make sense.

  • differences between branding, identity and corporate image?

The essence of what you offer is branding. The resources you use, identity. And the result, the corporate image with which you make it easier for your customers to recognise and remember you. They are not the same thing!

  • Characteristics

The corporate image is a mixture of attitude and visual identity that includes:

  • The logo, which reflects the essence of the brand and enhances the image. Therefore, it must be memorable and original. If you think of the most important brands in the world, your brain automatically starts to create the image of Apple, IKEA, etc. Right?
  • The naming: No matter how prepared you are to launch your project, if you still don't have the ideal name for your business, product or service, you have nothing. It's a complicated task. In the end, it must reflect the vision of your brand in a few words.
  • The slogan: This is the moment to summarise your essence in a single powerful phrase. I'm sure you are familiar with these examples: "Rexona won't abandon you" or "Red bull gives you wings". Creating a groundbreaking slogan that users will remember you by is not easy, but it ensures a place in their memory and it is worth spending time on it.
  • Music: Everything you transmit beyond the visual elements is also part of the corporate image. Sensations through taste, smell or hearing generate emotions and feelings that remain in our memory, so if you are going to create a YouTube channel or advertising spots, think about what your melody will be.
  • Typography. Shapes, colours, sizes... It forms part of the brand manual, along with the rest of the elements, and is fundamental in the company's image. You will select your typography according to what you want to transmit in a cohesive way to avoid confusion among the public.
  1. Before defining your corporate image... You must study the competition and look for ways to differentiate yourself. It must be aligned with the mission, vision, values and philosophy of the company. To build it, campaigns are launched on different channels, such as social networks.

"The corporate image is our visual ambassador, it can communicate things about us when we are not present " - Rubén G. Castro

The importance of the brand manual

We are convinced that you have heard of this document countless times, but what exactly is it for? Why is it that many businesses don't understand why they need it?

It is the guide that brands have to collect the main rules to follow in its application in different media. It contains all the criteria and technical and aesthetic specifications related to design, from colours and typographies to graphic effects and styles.

Some of the branding details included in the brand manual are:

  • The logo in its different formats and variations.
  • The typefaces and combinations used.
  • The effects and styles, such as gradients or overlays (if any).
  • What can and cannot be used.
  • Graphic elements, such as vectors, icons or others.
  • The colour palette used in the brand.

This document is also known as a corporate identity manual. It will help you specify good practices that employees can do, save time and ensure consistency.

do Ireally need it? Yes, you do.

what is the relationship between video and a company's corporate image?

Companies constantly create communication pieces as part of their marketing campaigns: social media posts, blog posts, products on the website, invitations to events, YouTube videos, landing pages, brochures..

but how does corporate video influence brand image? Should you use corporate video to generate creative branding? The connection between these two elements occurs when we manage to convey the image through a short and well-planned audiovisual piece. They are intended to describe a particular company, product and service. Often, they also describe the vision and mission of companies, because they want to explain in a short time their overall culture and values.

And if that wasn't enough, they also improve SEO positioning, increase organic traffic, are shared more often and create better brand awareness. Video is therefore a potential vehicle for conveying your corporate image.

Image is everything. We fall in love with what we see at first sight. And with our brands, it is exactly the same. All those attributes and values that represent you are part of your identity. A corporate image is the mental representation generated through the philosophy, actions and structure of your brand. The way you combine them will ultimately generate the global vision that the public has of you.

would you like to put it into practice? How to make your audience empathise with your brand?

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