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Video marketing trends for 2020

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why do some brands stay in our minds and others don't? What strategy do they follow to occupy the space of the usual brands?

Whatever it is you are looking for - entrepreneurship, success, happiness - you can only find it in each of the moments that make up your life. 2020 is the perfect time to keep innovating in digital tools for one reason: a business without digital marketing is a business doomed to failure.

The right marketing strategy will make the difference between getting the results you've been looking for and not getting them. But it's important that you think about several things first: What are you doing to achieve your goals? What tools are you relying on? What steps are you going to take to get there?

Today's dreams cannot be achieved with yesterday's tools, so we could not tiptoe around video. More than 81% of brands already use this format in their digital strategies, but it is only a small part of digital marketing and how important it is to connect to those potential customers who do not yet know you and need you. Or those people who already know you, but have not yet bought from you and need a push. Even to build loyalty among those who are already customers.

join us to find out about video marketing trends in 2020!

Video marketing: what's new

It's a fact that video is on the rise and that we need to integrate it into our marketing strategies to avoid being left behind. Here's what's coming up:

  • Virtual reality advertising campaigns.

It is true that this format had its boom some time ago, but it is still very appropriate for fulfilling science fiction proposals and turning our customers into the real protagonists of the stories told. Either with Escape Rooms, or to make virtual visits, or to develop new applications. Infinite possibilities. It is also used so that the user can upload an image of himself or a video in real time and try on different pieces of clothing from your stock, or upload a photo of his living room and see how the objects in your eCommerce would look like.

  • Storytelling.

A good story never goes out of fashion, which is why storytelling is always at the top of digital marketing trends. It is vital to learn how to tell great stories that connect and help end users. A recent study by HubSpot shows that 96% of millennial consumers watch several videos a week, but the figures are even higher when it comes to centennials. They are the most powerful consumers of the moment. Without a doubt, video is helping to improve engagement and end sales for many brands.

  • Videocast (or video podcast).

Normally, podcasts are associated with radio, but now you can also use them to upload an interview or a programme to a podcasting platform and also post it on social networks such as YouTube or Vimeo. Your customers are used to hearing your voice, but not to seeing your face. It will generate a feeling of proximity and trust that is very advantageous for both of you.

  • vlogging (or videoblogging).

It has become one of the most popular ways to communicate with customers, users or visitors. Vlogging is one of the most used strategies on YouTube. Companies post videos where they show the most human side of the brand (values, routines, team) to get closer to the brand's consumers and customers. A very clear example of this format is Gary Vaynerchuk's YouTube channel, GaryVee, in the United States, with more than two million followers.

  • Live streaming.

Users feel that you speak directly to them when you use real-time videos, and this makes them think that they can solve any doubt or make a comment instantly. Use this format to present your new products and services or to explain to your audience the dynamics of your work. And of course, take advantage of it through social networks, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook already have live streaming active.

  • E-learning.

It is very useful to post video tutorials that help users to do things by themselves. How many people would like to learn how to make an effective Facebook Ads campaign? Or attract more potential customers? In addition, they will improve your positioning as an expert in the sector. Post your video tutorials on platforms such as YouTube, Udemy... and make the most of them.

  • Vertical videos.

We all carry a smartphone in our pocket, so companies should think about the mobile format, also known as 'vertical'. These videos adapt perfectly to the size of the mobile screen, so some pioneering companies like Snapchat and Instagram have implemented it. Adapting your videos to multiple formats, such as this one, or 1:1 is always a great idea.

  • 360° video.

They surprise everyone and are increasingly used in digital marketing strategies. They help users to immerse themselves in a more inverse and real way in a world that brands create for them. It is very common to find this format in sectors related to travel and events, among others.

are you saying NO before you try? Video marketing is a format that is gaining more and more traction. We hope these trends will be of great help to you and that you will apply them in your digital marketing strategy.

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