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what are the four stages of marketing?

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Marketing and digital marketing have become a key element in any business, you will not reach all your potential customers if you do not have a good marketing strategy, so now the most important thing is to invest in it.

But it is not enough to get into the world of marketing and create a good strategy with which to get customers, you have to know how to manage the work and divide the marketing in the corresponding stages to be able to organise the objectives and the points to be reached. Don't know what stages marketing is divided into? Don't worry, there are four and we will tell you about them below.

Marketing stages

  • Stage 1: Attraction

The first phase of marketing is basically to get potential customers, that is, that customers have a first encounter with the brand and that this more than meets the needs of the same, direct users to the contents of our company. What comes to be hitting the potential customer in the face with our offer so that they can not resist it. To achieve this first attraction, you need to use attraction marketing, ie content marketing, SEO and social media marketing.

  • Content marketing: As its name suggests, this marketing technique is based on content. The company knows what its target audience is and knows what their interests are, so it knows what content to create, where and when to publish it and who to share it with. The content it generates is information of interest to that target audience. It can be presented in different formats depending on what works best for your audience. If for example your target audience is "young people between 15 and 24", TikTok can be a good place to send that information, and the short and funny video format will be very effective. If your target audience is "men over 65", TikTok would not be a good place or a good format to advertise our business. Keywords are also very important, the campaigns that are created are based on keywords that respond to the concerns of the target audience.

  • SEO: Every good marketing strategy uses SEO techniques, these are aimed at achieving the best possible positioning of a website or certain specific content, here again the use of keywords is very important, if you take care of your keywords, it will be much easier to position yourself in the search engines, which is further enhanced with posts within the website, videos, images, etc.

  • Social media marketing: This technique of attraction marketing arises from the popularisation of social networks, from these what is achieved is to be in constant contact with the buyer and get to interact in a more human way with the public. Social networks are a technique that helps companies to amplify their reach, which today becomes essential.

  • Phase 2: Persuasion

The next phase we move on to once we have attracted the attention of our target audience through different techniques is the generation of leads, we can define lead as a person who has already provided us with their details through a landing page form. When you have the attention of your potential customers, you must give them something of interest for their personal data, which will make them become leads. If you offer an offer, a discount code or more information of interest to the user, they will give you their information, which as a company will allow you to have better contact with them and get to know them better, which will serve to offer them exactly what they need.

This phase is possible thanks to two elements:

  • Landing pages: Landing pages are text landing pages where customers fill in a form in which they include data such as their name or e-mail, which is good for the company as it can have a more personal contact with their now lead.

  • CTA: The term CTA stands for "call to action", that is, call to action, these are basically buttons that are placed either on the web page or within the post, and serve to attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to perform a certain action such as buying a product.

  • Phase 3: Follow-up and lead maturation

In the previous phase, thanks to the landing pages, we have managed to convert potential customers into leads, but these are cold leads as the only information we have about them, apart from their e-mail address, is their name. So it is very likely that they are not yet ready to buy. So the time has come to move forward with them and take steps together, accompanying them along the way. This way the customer always has you in mind and when they want to make a specific purchase they will think of you before they think of other businesses.

Esta fase es comúnmente olvidada por las empresas, lo que es un grave error ya que en esta fase empieza todo el camino con el cliente. Terminar la venta y olvidarse es un gran error, y conseguir esta fidelización es un trabajo constante pero no difícil, preguntar al cliente si está satisfecho con la compra es un gran paso para saber si hay que mejorar en algún punto. También puedes seguir mandándole mails con las ofertas y descuentos de tu página, lo que le incitará a seguir comprando en tu negocio online y lo más importante, te recomendará a otros. En esta fase no solo hay que fidelizar al cliente, hay que fidelizar la estrategia, es decir, si analizamos paso a paso y fase por fase todos los procesos que hemos puesto en marcha, veremos dónde hemos fallado y dónde no, lo que nos ayudará a optimizar nuestra estrategia al máximo. El marketing es un proceso de mejora continua y seguimiento constante, sin esto, no sería marketing.

what are you waiting for to get started?

After having explained in detail the four phases of marketing, it's time for you to start implementing your strategy, in this post you have been able to take our great tips and start organising by points how to start with your marketing strategy, so if you haven't started yet, the time is now, don't wait any longer!

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