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how to increase visits to my blog?

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If you have a blog, surely you have ever wondered how you can do to increase visits. Although at first it may seem a difficult task, once you get the hang of the tasks you have to carry out to achieve it, it will be easier to do. In addition, like many other actions, when you do them, they often come automatically .

But your blog is not going to bring visitors on its own, you have to carry out strategies to make this happen. Your website can be the most beautiful and with the best content on the internet, but if you do nothing to make it known, it is as if it did not exist. Like many other points within digital marketing, there are tricks to increase traffic to your blog without losing patience in the attempt.

Continue reading this post to find out the best way to increase visits to your blog. Let's get started!

Increase visits to your blog with content marketing

"Content is king", I'm sure you've heard this phrase, because in digital marketing is one of the recurring phrases, and now many more. Content marketing in recent years has occupied one of the main positions, and no wonder, with the rise of the Internet and especially social networks, has climbed positions.

But what is content marketing? It is the strategy within the digital marketing plan that is based on creating, publishing and sharing content of interest to your buyer persona. This content has to be relevant and valuable to attract the attention of your target audience, with the aim of converting them into future customers.

Content marketing is the ideal strategy to attract traffic to your blog, because when someone decides to stay on your page it is because they find your content interesting.

But, what do I need to implement my content marketing strategy and start generating visits? Take note so you don't forget anything:

  • you have to have your buyer persona very well defined. This ideal customer is the one for whom you create your content, if you want to be read, you have to think about them.
  • use different formats: Don't just stick to articles and images, include video tutorials, infographics, podcasts, downloadable content, etc.
  • the importance of SEO. Improving your SEO not only helps you to generate more traffic, but also to get Google to notice you, which means better positioning in the SERP and more chances of being found. If you manage to do this step perfectly and your content is in the first places, you will get an increase in visits.


how are you going to attract visitors with content marketing?

Your main goal is to increase visits to your blog and there are a number of techniques to help you achieve this:

  • Create good content. Don't create content that is empty of information, with nothing new to contribute, because you won't attract attention. You need content that impresses your visitor, that is relevant and interesting enough to make them want to come back. This part will take time, but in the long run you will be grateful for it.
  • Investing in SEO is one of the most efficient ways to attract visitors. SEO, a priori, does not cost money, but it will take time and a lot of effort. Search engine optimisation is a strategy that, if done well, will bring you many benefits in the long term. Creating content regularly and of interest to search engines, using keywords to improve positioning, being well labelled and classified, are all things you should bear in mind at this point .
  • Promotion on social networks: These are an ideal platform for promotion, but they also serve to attract those visits to your blog. The most important ones are Instagram, Tik tok, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But this does not mean that you should have a profile on all of them, find the one that best suits you. Using social networks brings us closer to the public and allows us to interact with them. Share the content you upload to your blog on your Instagram profile, for example, adapting the message for that social network, and bring your followers to your page.
  • Linkbuilding is a technique that tries to build links with other websites, in order to gain authority, improve positioning and generate traffic. Try to get other websites related to your subject to include references to your content in theirs, to add value and get those visitors to go to your blog to find out more. Do the same to build professional relationships with pages related to you.

As you have read throughout this post, attracting visitors using content marketing is a safe bet in the long term. Don't get frustrated with the data at first, the beginnings are difficult, and obsessing over a figure won't help. As with other digital marketing strategies, it takes time and effort, but it will pay off. Now it's your turn to put all these techniques to the test and start attracting more visitors to your blog.

we hope you enjoyed reading this!

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