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Web trends that will mark 2022

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2021 is coming to an end and some experts are already talking about the new trends in web design for 2022. Web design is a sector that is within Information Technology, so it is always in continuous development. Every year new trends or modalities emerge that change the way we offer content.

It is a sector in constant evolution and transformation. Web design plays a very important role in digital marketing strategies. With the new transformations that arise in web design, the way in which we do digital marketing also evolves.

Trends change, and with it the vision and expectations of consumers, and we have to be very alert to see what new tools we can introduce in our marketing strategies to connect with the consumer.

In this post we are going to talk about the trends that are already being seen this year and that are going to mark 2022.

10 trends that will mark 2022

  1. Much more interactive websites

Web design in 2021 is already interactive, but in 2022 it is expected to become much more interactive. This means having a large capacity of options that will allow the user to customise the website they are browsing. It introduces new elements such as night mode, or others that are more pleasing to the eye, which users can customise in their own way.

The consumer will become more actively involved in the content of the web pages: forms, surveys and tests are some of the most interactive elements in inbound marketing.

These types of tools will also help the company to show its most creative side to the public.

  1. Use of colour as a psychological tool

Colour has always been an important element to attract the customer's attention, and we will start to use bolder, more saturated and brighter colours, rather than the pastel colours that many companies have introduced in their content over the last few years.

We need to think about how the use of these colours will influence the user. We want to create an effect on the consumer. This can also be called colour psychology. It is the analysis of the impact of colour on the feelings and attitudes of the consumer.

Web design predictions for 2022 indicate that we should think about what we want to tell with the colour of our website and dare to take the most striking colours out of our wardrobe.

  1. Mobile design

It is becoming increasingly clear to marketers that browsing is primarily mobile. This radically changes how websites are built and how they work. Many web design trends are linked to this reality.

One of them is mobile-friendly sites, which is to include simpler and cleaner designs, and not just focus on designing a mobile version. Another trend is dynamic scrolling, which introduces social network functionalities. It is to see the information on a website as you scroll and the page loads.

  1. Dynamic and personalised content

Websites are no longer conceived as something static. Include more personalised content on web pages.

It is about making websites that adhere to the user's needs. We must think about the next step that the user is going to take before the user himself. In other words, offer content that is adapted to each user.

The possibilities are endless: web pages that remember the choices you made on your first visit, search engines that show results for restaurants in your area and your favourite type of cuisine and much more.

Personalised content is of great importance on ecommerce sites , and we can take advantage of this content to show the products most likely to interest a particular user and increase conversion rates.

  1. Large images and text

Large images are a perfect tool to capture the user's attention. The main image of a web page has been gaining more and more prominence. In many cases we can find websites that have main images that take up the entire page. This aims to gain maximum impact.

Another trend for 2022 is to include text in these large images. It is like going back to poster images, combining them with new, bolder and more eye-catching colours and original typographies.

  1. Artificial intelligence

We will be able to use this tool to advance in the personalisation of our web content. It makes use of artificial intelligence based on data that allows us to use automatic learning to improve the user experience. It is a way of personalising the user's conversion process.

  1. Animations

Animations can have different movements, effects, speed or sense.

Within this tool, the so-called micro animations will be a trend, the use of small animations in different parts of the website such as icons, product descriptions or micro interactions.

  1. Gradients and frosted glass effect

Gradients are gradients that are used to add depth, texture and serve as an eye-catching background in an illustration. It is a timeless tool that can include large and bold typefaces.

Frosted glass is an opaque glass that is achieved by polishing or illustrating clear glass with emery, which makes it translucent and shows the elements behind it. It can help add professionalism to our content and convey confidence to the consumer viewing it. It is another very important trend for 2022.

  1. Minimalism

Pop-ups, intrusive advertising or CTAs can be very overwhelming elements for the user browsing a website. Web pages are full of these elements, and users prefer simpler, minimalist sites.

Offering a simple web design with few elements contributes significantly to users taking the actions that businesses are looking for. Simplified navigation is a key tool in the 2022 trends. The easier it is to get to what they are looking for, the faster they will reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

  1. Accessibility

Making websites accessible is not a trend, but an obligation for companies. It is about making sites accessible to all types of users, regardless of their abilities. We must take people with functional diversity more into account when we are designing our website.

The importance no longer only lies in the importance of customer service or user experience, but also in the ethical values of the company.

This trend should not only apply to 2022, but to all the years to come.

The web trends for 2022 are strong and highly evolved. Although the vast majority are elements that we already know, their importance lies in the evolution of each of these trends. The primary objective is to offer the best experience to the user who will consume these contents. That is why we must create web pages that contain the elements mentioned in this post. We hope it has helped you a lot!

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