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what is Digital Trade Marketing and how to apply it?

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Since inbound marketing, the basis of any marketing strategy focuses on customers, discarding the idea that the product should be the centre of everything. With digital marketing we must reinvent ourselves more and more and we must take into account the changes that consumers are experiencing, above all we must take into account where our consumers are and where they are, we must go.

what is Trade Marketing?

Before we get into the definition of Digital Trade Marketing, let's define Trade Marketing in its beginnings, that is to say, how it was defined before it was adapted to new technologies.

Trade Marketing is basically a strategy that was created to be implemented within points of sale, which helps brands to carry out different promotions and campaigns. This concept matured and increasingly became a very important strategy to bring brands and customers closer together.

Trade Marketing basically consists of promoting a brand's products directly in the place where the consumer is going to make their purchase. You simply have to know your consumer well, so you can deliver the value of the experience from the place where they are going to make the sale. If they find the product easily when making the purchase, they are much more likely to take it. So you have to take good care of both the price and presentation of the product, if the consumer arrives at the supermarket and easily finds the product thanks to its good presentation and this is accompanied by an affordable price, the number of consumers who will opt for your product will increase dramatically. These types of strategies are decisive for the consumer to opt for us before the competition.

what is Digital Trade Marketing?

Now that we are clear about what Trade Marketing has consisted of since its beginnings, we are going to explain what Digital Trade Marketing is, which, logically, has the same functions and the same definition as the traditional one, but the focus of work has changed, we no longer focus on supermarkets and physical points of view. Digital Trade Marketing is responsible for winning over the customer at the digital point of sale, that is, in ecommerce. It is not enough to just include the product on the web and try to sell it, you have to win over the customer and after that and once they have bought, build customer loyalty. Since customers are becoming increasingly demanding, especially due to the large number of companies that represent the competition.

The reason why Digital Trade Marketing is necessary is the great change that the consumer has had since the beginning of ecommerce. They can buy in shop or online, but a habit that users have begun to make is to seek trusted information on the internet, whether they buy online or not. This information will influence them when buying, which is why the Digital Trade Marketing must be prepared so that this information that we provide to users influences them for good, it is very likely that before going to the physical shop, the user enters our online shop for information, if this information is not enough or does not influence them positively, they will not go to the physical shop. So you have to take care of both Trade Marketing strategies, because if we do not take care of the online, no matter how good the product is in shop, it is very likely that they will not come to check it out.

how to apply Digital Trade Marketing to your business?

Now that we are clear about what Digital Trade Marketing is and why it is important in your strategy, we are going to explain how to apply it in your online business step by step.

  1. Product information must be complete

    You must always think about how the user experience will be when buying online, the consumer is the centre of the strategy, so their experience within the web is paramount, you must include within this all the product information for the user to be clear whether to buy it or not. If for example you have a furniture business and in your online shop you do not add the measurements of your products, users can not be sure whether to buy in your online shop or not. It is not only useful to have a complete definition of the product, it is also important that you add quality photographs, a coherent title, etc.

    We must also think about the SEO of our website, we must never leave it aside, so when adding titles and descriptions of our products we have to include the necessary keywords so that the organic positioning is always optimised within the different search engines.

  2. User experience
    As we said before, the user experience is the most important thing, online commerce has to take care of this because it is more likely that a user ends up not buying if he has a bad experience on the internet. In shop, even if he has a bad experience, having the product in front of him, if it meets his expectations, he will buy it. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your marketing strategy is to improve the user experience, if he can buy easily from your website, he will not think about it.

  3. Audiovisual attracts
    When you enter an ecommerce and it has photographs, audios and videos, it is much more reliable, you make customers feel more confident about your business and have more willingness to buy, which is why betting on the design is a sure hit. Including images of your products on the website is like taking care of the window of your shop. If you also take care of the structure and layout, you will increase your sales for sure.

  4. Don't forget your competition
    Whatever sector you are in, knowing how your competition works is essential. This will give you an idea of what you can improve within your own strategy, as well as where to invest so that users prefer to buy your products rather than those of your competitors. If you understand your competition's strategies, you will be able to have better strategies and actions that will make you stand out from the rest.

  5. Build loyalty
    If you offer the customer a good experience on your website, they will want to repeat it, if you conquer your users by your web usability and the facilities and conveniences they find on your website, it is very likely that they will keep you in mind for future purchases, and not only that, they will also recommend you.

In conclusion, Digital Trade Marketing helps your business to look good to potential consumers, which helps to generate sales in a resounding way, do not wait any longer and start designing your Digital Trade Marketing strategy, you will notice the results.

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