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Top 7 free SEO analysis tools

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SEO is a very important technique for your website. Anyone who has a website or an online shop will have heard of it and wondered why it is so important.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the set of techniques that are applied to a website to improve its search ranking and its visibility in the search engines of the major browsers.

Positioning your website ensures that when a user does a search, if your website has the keywords that the user is looking for, it should appear at the top of the browser's results list. The different websites that have indexed that keyword will appear in the browser's results list.

In other words, we can define SEO as the process of getting your website to the top of the search engine results list.

There are many tools to improve your SEO positioning, both free and paid. Today we are going to talk about the 7 most suitable free tools to carry out a good SEO strategy.

#1. Google Analytics

This tool is the one that all marketing and SEO specialists should know. It includes a large number of functionalities. Among them, it allows you to: perform web analysis, see the performance of your website or obtain information about the conversion rate of your website. You can also create reports on technical analysis of your website (advertising, content, social networks, ...)

google analytics

#2. Google Search Console

If you really want to have constant control over your web positioning and how Google is interpreting all the content on your site, you should always connect your website with Search Console.

This tool is the direct communication of your website with Google and this is very important.


You will beable to see how your pages are being indexed, if robots are encountering 404 errors or remove negative URLs and backlinks from your website, and it provides detailed reports on search analytics, crawl errors and searches for your website.

#3. Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to visualise the trend levels that are occurring nationally and internationally. Depending on the geographical area, you can see which searches are the most active in each area and incorporate content related to the most trending on your website. It offers a list of trends and the most viewed videos on YouTube.

google trends

#4. Woorank

This is the classic free SEO tool if you want to carry out an SEO analysis of your website. By simply entering an article, this tool analyses all the points of your website and, from there, it will make a series of optimisation recommendations.


To get the most out of it, you should register for free as many of the options are limited to the premium version. However, with the free version you are already guaranteed a valuable analysis of your SEO positioning to improve your website.

#5. StatsCrop

Although its design is not as attractive as the previous ones, its contents compensate for its vast design. It offers interesting data such as domain information, security information, traffic reports, a keyword top or information about our social networks, among other things.


#6. Semrush

This is a very complete SEO tool with a freemium model, i.e. it has a paid version, but it also has a free version. The free version offers a large number of features such as keyword research and competitor analysis. It is a very useful tool to start with, and later you can switch to the paid version, which allows you to do wonders with your website.


#7. Google Page Speed Insights

This tool is more closely related to the usability of your website. However, good web usability will ensure a better user experience, which can increase your visibility and improve your SEO ranking. Google Page Speed Insights includes features such as increasing the loading speed of your website. You can analyse and optimise the loading speed of your website to improve your SEO ranking.

page insights

These tools can help considerably to improve your SEO positioning. They are useful and free tools that any website can include in its strategy to increase its visibility. SEO positioning is a vital technique to reach a greater number of people. We hope this post will help you to improve your website!

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