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how can keyword suggest tools help me?

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When it comes to positioning your website through natural SEO positioning and making your business known, internet crawlers will take into account all possible paths. The search for the right words to boost the positioning of your company ends up being one of the bases for the creation of an appropriate Inbound marketing plan. Since positioning yourself in the most visible positions of the most popular words requires a lot of effort (and investment), you have to look for a suitable niche that reaches your buyer client and in which you can have a predominance, looking for more accessible words, synonyms and combinations. For this, there are keyword suggest tools.

To understand what these keyword suggest applications are, we must first talk about an important concept, which is the search or research of the most important words or terminology when positioning our website to reach potential customers without wasting efforts in fruitless ways. Keyword research tools are used for this purpose.

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Research your keywords to improve your positioning

If we think about how to improve the visibility of our website, whether we want to achieve it through payments with SEM techniques or through natural positioning with SEO methods, what we must do is determine the keywords that we must use to reach our buyer persona. First we must find those that give us the most profitability, and if we cannot opt for them, we must search for proximity.

To do this, we will use keyword suggest tools. These applications are dedicated to investigating keyword searches by users when they try to find a product or service. They monitor the dominance of the network, the most common or hot searches and select synonyms that can redirect the query to our domain.

The use of these techniques is aimed at locating niche words, which are not so maximised but are used enough to direct the searcher to your website. They will also find long tail words, which are no more than combinations of several words that help to filter searches even further, making them more accurate and specific.

If we think that high traffic equals a high volume of sales, sometimes we can get our website visitors wrong, while other times we can miss out on our ideal customers just because we do not reach a small niche, but with specific needs that suit them

ities that suit our product.

Having a low level of traffic to our website should not be a problem if this visitor is really interested in us. Let's assume a new product, or a brand with a similar name to another but from different markets. If we manage to connect with the right potential buyers, we will not depend on a high number of visitors looking for an impulsive purchase and, many times, dependent on chance. A high level of analysis will lead to good inbound marketing.

what tools would we use to manage keyword suggest?

When we need a detailed analysis of keyword traffic and we want to create a good marketing strategy, we should use some of the tools we have at our disposal to locate keywords that we can use. The main ones are:

    • Google Keyword Planner: is a keyword suggest tool owned by the search engine giant. It is characterised by having a free system for most of its functions. The main limitation of its free use is that it disables the visibility of the search volume of specific keywords, which means that you have to have an Adwords campaign activated to see it, with its consequent investment. It has a system that advises you on budgets and offers for your campaigns.

    • Moz: This is a set of twelve tools that can facilitate the work of marketing professionals, including some very interesting ones such as Twitter Analytics or the Rank Checker, which allows you to check the ranking of search engines.
      In the keyword suggest function it has a tool, Keyword Explorer, which is a very good complement to help choose the keywords for our SEO strategy. It tries to classify them by their potential and opportunity, and not only by the traffic they generate, and its mechanisms are considered to be more effective than those of Google Adwords.

    • SEMRush: This is an SEO tool that tries to get redirects to our websites. It is usually used to try to identify potential competition. Through an analysis of the main words used by our rivals we can find the elements that allow us to differentiate ourselves and position ourselves in niche areas that have not already been located by the competition.

Organic research to know the positioning over time is one of its main features that can even suggest the right words that allow us to expand our positioning strategy with this keyword suggest.

is it worth investing in the paid features of a keyword suggest tool?

The key question in any SEO strategy is whether it is worth investing in the organic positioning of your website when in theory you are looking to minimise the investment.

The answer is usually a simple yes. The location of the most relevant keywords that can improve our positioning will achieve a palpable increase in our visibility when we manage to implement a strategy appropriate to those market niches that are going to offer us those words or groups of words that are not so overexploited.

In addition, it will allow us to differentiate ourselves from the objective competition, and will even help us to locate it, by detecting which are the most outstanding words in which, a priori, we coincide with companies in a similar field. As always, individualisation and the strengthening of our brand branding will help us to be the chosen ones when evaluated by our potential buyers.

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