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Tools for conducting customer satisfaction questionnaires

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do you know the best way to find out what your customers think about your service?

With the Inbound marketing methodology, we follow our customers throughout the entire buying process and beyond. A very effective business improvement activity is to review or evaluate the organisation's initiatives and materials.

For this purpose, it is ideal to monitor customer data and better understand your customers' needs. One tool that allows you to automate customer feedback is customer satisfaction questionnaires.

Customers are the heart of the company. Often when we are trying to get more impressions and attract new customers, we forget about the customers we already have. However, it is crucial to maintain a reciprocal relationship after the purchase process. This demonstrates effectiveness on the part of customer service.

The 80-20 rule should be enforced, listening should account for 80% of the activity in the marketing funnel and talking for 20%. In this way, you address the needs of your customers and empathise with them. Analysing the information your customers give you allows you to continue to build the parameters of your perfect buyer persona.


With this tool, you can find out what your customers' needs are, and thus improve your product or service. Customers, whenever they have the opportunity, will try to send you complaints or dissatisfaction.

Your reliable customers will give you good evaluations. Reviews are one of the most realistic strategies for the rest of the leads. Make it easy for them to contact you, they value their time a lot. By means of a brief questionnaire and a space open to comments.

Being open to criticism gives a beneficial impression to those who buy your products. It shows humanity and closeness, it also differentiates you from the competition. It becomes a feature of your personal brand.


There are multiple softwares that make the process of creating surveys easier. They provide you with templates and optimise the process of sending them to your customers. They create reports on the CSAT (Costumer Satisfaction) rate, an excellent metric to obtain information and improve the strategy of your business.

During the process of analysing the data, you can segment your audience, which allows you to choose a better strategy for each of the different customer groups. One tool that makes it easier for you to collect this data is satisfaction questionnaires. Among the most popular tools to create surveys are:

Perhaps the easiest to use, the only requirement is to have a Google account. Registration is completely free. It offers multiple templates and direct access to spreadsheets to automate the data.

It adapts to any type of screen and you can create direct access from any platform. Its design is simple and very effective.

Customer feedback analysis software allows you to measure satisfaction through surveys and reports, and allows you to set concise, SMART goals, which propels your business' marketing strategy to stardom.

Surveys are easy to create and share, instantly with a link or embed code. There is a free version, there are also several paid plans. It allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys so you can send out the ten questions you need to measure customer satisfaction.

This tool is the best at the growth stage: it provides a free software package and a premium version with more features to increase the functionality of the software. It is also a tool that integrates with HubSpot and other solutions, making it an excellent addition to your digital toolkit.

In case you're struggling with your current response rate, this is the tool for you. Its interface prioritises the customer experience. It offers customisation options to display dynamic layouts and supports multiple devices. It achieves a survey completion rate of 83% and also offers integration with HubSpot.

You can opt to add your logo and a completely personal thank you page. The free version also offers data export, email support, over 20 different question types and customisable survey themes.

In this tool, you find surveys available in both free and paid versions. It allows you to conduct unlimited surveys with unlimited questions so you can find all the information you need for your business. It offers 20 different question types and the only drawback is that it only allows you to record 200 responses per year, so it is suitable for a general annual survey or several smaller, highly focused questionnaires in specific areas.

This platform allows you to customise the design of the form. Incorporating your brand colours adds an extra touch to the look and feel of your questionnaire. One feature we found excellent is that you can add text after the customer has completed the fields.

Then, if a respondent has entered their name in a question, you can refer to them by name in future questions if that is their preferred setting. This will help you build closer and stronger relationships with your customers.

Create professional-grade surveys to measure customer loyalty. 100 questionnaires per month, but there is no limit to the number of questions per questionnaire. 125+ templates.

It has over 125 templates. It also integrates with HubSpot, Intercom and other suites. The best part is that with the feedback centre it provides, you can organise all your thoughts in one place.

You have unlimited questionnaires with unlimited questions. You can receive up to 100 survey responses, an email support account, multi-device formats; it also provides a large catalogue of templates to simplify the creation of questionnaires.


These are not the only platforms that allow you to make a satisfaction questionnaire, there are thousands of tools on the Internet with similar functions, however, the platform you use is not the key to get better or worse feedback, but the key tool of surveys: the questions .

Without a simple satisfaction questionnaire, customers will not want to take your survey. Writing easy questions, even ones where they do not have to answer directly (they work under a selection of answer options), will increase the participation rate. Necessary questions include:

  • Overall satisfaction or numerical rating of the product or service.
  • How good you think the quality is.
  • Whether the price was right for you. With this question you can find out how you are positioned in the market and your competition.
  • If you consider other products or services of the competition to be attractive.
  • If you would recommend the product or service in your environment.
  • how was the purchasing process? The way you deal with your employees is key, the feeling and the memory that your customer will have of your team of employees can be very beneficial.
  • what did they miss? In this way, you open up the possibility that new needs of your consumers may arise, so that you can solve them. You open up a new business possibility.
  • Finally, leave an open field for suggestions. We all like to give our opinion, creating a review allows freedom, which translates into closeness between you and the customer.

Continue reading our blog with more tips to improve your satisfaction questionnaires. Get to know your most loyal customers in depth and optimise your response rate. Building trust between your company and your customers will turn them into promoters of your products and services.

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