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How to build customer loyalty through inbound marketing strategies

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Creating strategies to build customer loyalty should always be on your agenda, so today we'll tell you some of the best ways to do it.

why should you build customer loyalty?

  1. It helps extend the customer lifecycle.
  2. Customer loyalty allows us to earn recurring revenue to cover fixed costs.
  3. Loyalty allows us to know information about our customers that the competition does not have.
  4. It allows us to increase the average purchase ticket as well as the frequency of purchase, especially in the case of businesses that use this channel.

Outbound Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

The best strategies for building customer loyalty with inbound marketing

Here are some inbound marketing strategies that will help you build customer loyalty:

  • Offer quality content: Creating quality content is essential for all those who develop a customer acquisition strategy through inbound marketing. It is all about captivating your customers by offering them something that will bring value to their life or work.
  • Use newsletter or email marketing. Today's email marketing has evolved into sending a newsletter, which ensures high email open rates, provides useful value for the customer and delivers your latest offer or promotion directly to their inbox.
  • Loyalty Remarketing: Another channel to deliver our content or offer of value is to carry out a good remarketing strategy. Also known as retargeting, this technique consists of showing an advert again to the user who has visited our "Thank you for your purchase" page. In this way, if the customer does not open our emails, we can make an impact through advertisements on networks or search engines.
  • Smart content: this consists of adapting the content to the phase of the cycle in which the customer is and making it personalised. In this case, you can create valuable content aimed at making them more familiar with your products, services, news, offers... always bearing in mind the objective, in this case, customer loyalty. Typical content at this stage can be: e-books, manuals, tutorials, guides... Similarly, before you start writing, do not forget to carry out a keyword strategy that will help you position your content.
  • Webinars and trainings. Webinars or webinars are webinars where a topic of interest is explained to the audience that attends. For example, if your brand offers a marketing software, an excellent loyalty strategy would be to provide free training on its use through a free webinar. Once the webinar is over, your customers will have learned or deepened a topic of interest to them. Your brand will have provided value and this is what we are looking for when thinking about a customer loyalty strategy.
  • Social networks: Social networks allow you to generate a community that is very loyal to a brand or to any of the products or services offered. To do this, you should create groups in the best social networks, keep your profiles updated and, above all, respond to every query that is received. If you cannot commit to responding to queries, you should hire a community manager to carry out this task.
  • Offer premium content: Unlike the first point, in which we offer quality content open to everyone, a strategy for building customer loyalty with premium content consists of offering exclusive content only to customers who have previously purchased. Building customer loyalty in this way allows you to send a newsletter to previous buyers (not just subscribers) in which you can include an offer related to the original purchase and even begin to use up-selling and cross-selling strategies.
  • Blog: The aim of the blog is to generate valuable content that differentiates you from your competition and helps you win new customers and build customer loyalty. So create it.
  • Chatbots: Again, automation at the service of your customers. Thanks to chatbots, you can offer 24/7 customer service. It is a perfect channel for building customer loyalty when you are enjoying your free time or cannot take care of the website.
  • Surveys: The aim of surveys is to obtain feedback from customers; it is a space to share sensations, suggestions, problems... This information has a great value for your brand as it will allow you to detect opportunities to improve your products or services.
  • Organise face-to-face events. Seeing the faces of those who buy from you and who you buy from is a very effective resource when it comes to customer loyalty. Whether in talks or face-to-face workshops, inviting your customer to learn more about your brand, to show them that you are competent in the sector and that you are up to date with the latest news, will undoubtedly delight them.

El subidón de las empresas que siguen la metodología Inbound Marketing

Attracting quality visitors to your site, converting them into subscribers and then transforming them into customers and, finally, building customer loyalty -that's the Inbound Marketing formula! Apply it to your business and see how effective it is.

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