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Email marketing for a successful approach

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if you want to achieve customer loyalty and get closer to your customers, then include email marketing in your digital marketing strategies. The importance of email marketing will mark the way in which you contact your followers.

Although technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds, email marketing is the most precious jewel of a good digital marketing campaign. If at some point it was thought that social networks would displace this strategy, the reality is that they have contributed to give it an added value.

The importance of email marketing lies in communication

It is the way to get closer to your subscribers and the best way to make them loyal to your brand. How does it work? Most people read their emails every day. When you use an email marketing strategy you get their permission to send them information and that's it. Just create the rightcontent in an attractive way and send it to your subscriber list.

If you still have doubts about the success that email marketing will bring to your business, discover its great advantages and get ready to grow your projects.

Benefits that email marketing brings to your business

  • You have access to your market

Once the user has agreed to receive information from your business and enters your database you have immediate access to them. The valuable information they have left you allows you to segment emails to send the right information according to their characteristics. The segmentation of prospects or customers is key to the importance of email marketing, as it gives each of them their corresponding value. Thus, they will be sent content according to their needs and objectives.

  • It is economical

The investment costs are lower than in traditional marketing achieving greater impact and reach. It also has a variety of formats. Who does not like that something as important as email marketing is economical?

  • Immediate results

Once the email is sent you can determine the user's reactions in real time. What results can you get? The impact of your offers, the effectiveness of the subject line or if the content of the landing page is attractive. In addition, you can see how many purchase intentions are generated.

  • Strategy without borders

Email marketing allows your company to conquer national and international markets, and as a highly personalised strategy it generates trust and loyalty.

how to be successful with email marketing?

To achieve the desired success with email marketing and take your business to another level, develop three concepts effectively:

  • Sender and subject

Natural person, company, website, etc. It must generate trust, coupled with a very attractive subject to get the email to be opened and read. It is very important to capture the attention of the prospect but never make him think that the email is spam.

  • Content

Easy to read and useful information with the idea that the reader will link to your website. The idea is to educate them. If they do not perceive any new information in the email, they will not open it and the objectives of the email marketing strategies will be frustrated.

  • Date and time of sending

According to some statistics, most emails are opened on Fridays. Also remember that the email should be visible on both mobile devices and computers. More than 5% of emails today are opened from smartphones.

When setting up your strategy remember that you can send as many emails as you want, but send them when you have something new, relevant and interesting to offer your followers.

Trust in the excellent results that a good email marketing strategy will bring to your business: the possibility of a click on the buy button, good relationships with your followers, knowing your target audience and offering them what they are looking for, and visits to your website - all part of the importance of email marketing!

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