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Video marketing gains momentum in 2022

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If there is one term that defines the new generations, it may well be dynamism. The youngest have demonstrated their ability for social networks and new technologies. And if there is one thing that both require, it is speed. Social networks are loaded with content that is constantly evolving, trying to create new trends in succession. This means that content creators have to come up with new ways of getting their information, messages, services and products across.

One possibility they offer - the vast majority of networks - is content in audiovisual format. Yes or yes, it is a format in which there are many stimuli. This makes it a very striking and attractive production: dynamic - which is why it engages young people. This is why they have been so enraptured by platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and the most recent TikTok.

The new generations demand to receive information more economically. The number of characters is becoming smaller and smaller, and they also prefer video to words. In social media, the video format is becoming more and more adapted to the various platforms. According to statistics, videos receive more engagement.

Since the end of the pandemic, we have changed the format of many of the practices that make up our routine, such as teleworking, as well as the popularity of new platforms such as TikTok or new products such as Instagram Reels. Given this situation, a new way of receiving information has been adopted, everything must be more striking, quicker and more visual. Video has thus gained enormous popularity.


Video has become a simple alternative. It does not require a great effort on the part of the audience to grasp the message. There is no need for them to put their effort into reading information. Everything is more direct and dynamic. Its use in advertising is not a novelty, it has been used in television for years.

However, the practice has changed. Video marketing is moving to social networks. The main reason for this is the drop in television consumption in favour of social networks. If the new generations have internalised the massive consumption of content platforms, advertising should take place there.

The advantage of the three big video platforms is that the advertising content can be within the platform, before the content is played or as an account of your company or brand.

Not only do you have to have the advertising pop up within the platforms, but promote your account on the platforms, you can produce content of interest that makes your customers want to be your virtual followers and thus grow in networks and receive further promotion.

One of the advantages of video marketing is the possibility of increasing SEO positioning. In the blog about the changes in the Instagram algorithm. The algorithm is that tool that orders the positioning on the Internet. It preferentially positions those who adapt their new resources and make the most of them. Google works the same way, it takes positioning as a prize. If the platforms offer you new resources, use them and make the most of all the possibilities to grow on the Internet!

In the Inbound Marketing strategy, you need to put a lot of dedication to the contents, they must provide interest on others. The blog is an alternative that works, you can provide advice without directly selling your product or service. This practice can be in video, you must demonstrate that you are an expert in the field in which you move and that you can offer a solution to the problems. Videos can accompany blogs or you can include fragments in social networks. Unify your strategy!

As we already know, Inbound Marketing is defined as a marketing strategy that involves engaging customers by creating valuable content and links during a personalised payment process. The production of videos or audiovisual content can be used in any of the phases of the Inbound Marketing process.

how do I apply my audiovisual content in the Inbound Marketing phases?

  • Attraction: videos are eye-catching. You get new leads. If you know your buyer personas well, you can reach the right audience. It's all about providing them with valuable content at the right time.

  • Interaction: the content gives you the opportunity to interact, either through social media or on your own website. You can enable comments and your audience can comment. In this case, less is not more. Comments indicate higher engagement. From a positive or negative opinion about the video, to an emoji. Any feedback is welcome.

  • Delight: the buying process is not over. Now it's time to demonstrate why your content is valuable. With discipline and consistency in publishing content - whether in video format or not - you can not only solve their problems, but you can provide more related content. If you get an audience that values your videos, they will start following and promoting you.

We understand the reasons why video marketing is going from strength to strength. If you want to read more about its advantages and disadvantages, read our blog post. It is a time optimiser for the audience, and according to Hubspot statistics, more than 50% of consumers prefer to watch branded videos over any other type of content that a company can produce. However, for the video to receive the corresponding engagement, it must contain elements that make it a good video.


  1. Plan the script, this goes hand in hand with setting SMART objectives. Keep your video simple and clear. In this case, less is more.

  2. Understand your tools, whether it's a camera or a mobile phone with which you are going to record, know them thoroughly and discover all the possibilities they offer you.

  3. Prepare your props well. It's not about improvising, or being shoddy. Set up a recording studio or stage properly. We all like things tidy and well done. The aesthetics you want to portray are a noticeable element for the audience.

  4. Prepare your studio, it is not only the quality of the image that is important, the lighting and sound are details that make the difference.

  5. Take into account the training of the characters in your video. It is essential to have a good communicator in front of the camera. If you speak, you must have control of your words, gestures and grimaces. Everything must be measured.

  6. Edit. Prepare the videos well so that they are dynamic. You don't want it to be a video that talks the same for more than 1 minute, do you? Make the most of your resources, music, effects, graphic designs, cuts from other videos. Any extra element you can add to make it a visual journey.

  7. Include voiceovers, voiceovers are an effective tool that can help to make the content more credible, emotional and fluid.

As we have already seen, video marketing has a very promising reach for the new generations, so don't forget to include it in your marketing strategy planning! At OCCAM agency, we have an audiovisual production company, contact us!

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