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How to make a good script for your corporate video

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Before you start, you should know that a corporate video is a short video that briefly explains a product or service offered by the company or business. Its success depends largely on its script, so today we are going to explain how to make a correct and attractive one to attract customers and communicate the message effectively. Pay attention!

what is a corporate video for?

A corporate video is designed and intended to go viral, as due to its short duration, if it manages to penetrate the minds of users, customers will be motivated to share the video on their social networks and personal pages.

A corporate video also plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the success of a company and by using a marketing strategy that includes implementing this kind of video, you will undoubtedly be able to take your business to the next level and meet your objectives.

Cómo hacer un buen guion para tu vídeo corporativo

how to make a good script for your corporate video?

-Start by making a draft. The draft is essential to write a script that will generate a great impact on the audience. Maybe at some point you might be tempted to leave this step aside, but you should not fall into this mistake that arises due to overconfidence. When you make a draft, you summarise the main ideas you want to express in the video, while clarifying any doubts that may arise. This way, all the workers in charge of making the video are clear about the objectives and can work together in harmony. Moreover, making a summary or draft is also useful in intermediate stages of the video production. For example, if at some point a doubt or concern arises regarding the objectives or what the next step is, it is easier to consult the summary and clarify the matter.

-Find the tone. It depends a bit on your corporate image and your target audience, but try to adapt the tone of your words to your audience. For example, you will not speak in the same way to young teenagers as to retired people, but always in a friendly and approachable way.

-Think about where you are going to publish it. It is not the same to make a corporate video for a website than to publish it on social networks. And within social networks, Twitter is not the same as TikTok, for example. Depending on where you want to publish it, your corporate video script must have a different length. For example, the Twitter platform only allows videos no longer than 2:20 minutes. The length will be essential for the client to decide whether or not to watch your videos. Don't forget it.

-Get down to work and write the script. When you have already written the draft or summary taking into account the points above, then it is time to write the script of your corporate video. The simpler the script, the better, as this way users will be more receptive to the message, since it will be transmitted more naturally. Also, remember to use a pleasant tone and use short and concise sentences that do not exceed 25 words.

-Read your script out loud - this will help you determine the key points where you need to change the style of the narration, and it is also very useful for spotting mistakes and optimising the result.

what is the correct structure of a corporate video?

  • Initial greeting and approach. Every corporate video should begin with a message that identifies the brand, business or company that is transmitting the message. Once you have identified yourself in the video, the next step is to create empathy. At the time of creating the video, you will surely have already identified a need of your audience, which you are trying to satisfy with a product or service.
  • Central content: In this section of the corporate video you develop the subject in a more exhaustive way and present the key points. You can use a sequence that allows users to better understand the information you are transmitting. Also, remember that corporate videos are designed to go viral.
  • End and call to action. This is the closing of the video, where you make a call to action (Call To Action or CTA) for the user to do something in particular. Here it is important that the call is strategic, so that people want to know more about it and decide to follow it. With it, you tell your customer what to do after watching the video. It can be visiting your website, giving a like on YouTube, subscribing to the channel, sharing on social networks..

We hope that now that you know what a corporate video is and what it is for and how to make the best script for the video, you will get down to work. Moreover, following the structure that we have recommended you will not have any problem. Thank you for reading us and see you soon!

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