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Incorporate YouTube into your video marketing strategy

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YouTube is one of the most important social networks within a video marketing strategy. It is recommended that any company that wants to be known has a channel open and use it. It is positioned as the platform that concentrates more young people and millennials are the generation that consumes more audiovisual content on YouTube. That is why its importance is key in the marketing strategy of a company.

5 tips for attracting an audience on social networks through video marketing

Video is an audiovisual technique that you can use to attract a wider audience to your company. It is one of the most used formats on social networks. Remember the saying: "A picture is worth a thousand words". Do you want to succeed with a video on YouTube? Follow these five tips:

  1. Short videos capture attention better: Videos should not be heavy. You must be able to convey what you want in a short space of time, because, in that way, the audience will quickly stay with your message. Remember, if you create a concise and clear video, it will be more successful.
  2. Create Storytelling: It is one of the best strategies to communicate the history, values or objectives of a company. Moreover, it is connected with the previous advice, as it is not usually longer than 4 minutes. It is a great option to establish a relationship between your company and the audience. Thanks to Storytelling, users remember more clearly the message that the company transmits. You just have to be aware of the characteristics that it should include such as: creativity, wit or emotionality.
  3. Takeinto account the algorithms of the social networks: It is essential that you are aware of the different aspects that these platforms play with. In some, the contents are permanent, while in others they are ephemeral. For example, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are social networks whose contents survive for some time on the Internet. On the other hand, in Snapchat the audiovisual contents remain for 24 hours and then disappear. The case of Instagram is a bit peculiar, because if you publish a video in Instagram Stories, the video can be viewed for 24 hours, but if you publish it in a post, the video is stored permanently on the platform.
  4. Create audiovisual content that the audience will share: An essential part is that your videos generate interactions. You must create videos that interest users, topics that attract their attention so that, subsequently, they spread them through their social networks and you can get a greater number of views (they go viral). After all, if you create quality content, but that does not interest the audience, no matter how good it is, you are not going to achieve the desired success.
  5. Create videos in which the audience is the protagonist: You need to capture the attention of the audience and, therefore, they must feel that this content is aimed at them. If you want to attract the attention of users, we recommend that you position them as the protagonists of the video. If they feel part of the content, the chances of them sharing it on theirsocialnetworks increase and, consequently, the number of views increases to have a greater chance of conversion.

YouTube: The best tool for your video marketing.

If you still don't know why this platform is positioned as the best option you can use in your video marketing strategy, we explain it to you.

YouTube is, nowadays, the second most used search engine worldwide. It is only behind Google search engine. What does this mean? If your purpose is to create audiovisual content and have your audience find it, YouTube is the ideal platform for this. It is essential for companies to have a presence on this social network, as it opens the door to many paths. A company that does not have a YouTube channel with content has a lower chance of being found. Do you want to know six facts that argue why your company should include YouTube in its video marketing strategy?

  • It is the leading social network in terms of audiovisual content.
  • It is a platform that is available in 80 different languages.
  • Almost two million users log on to YouTube every month.
  • It is a platform that helps to improve the SEO positioning of the company.
  • Last year it was the most used mobile application by Internet users.
  • It is used as a method of learning. 70% of young people used YouTube videos as a form of learning in 2018.

The reality is that audiovisual content is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to it, users and potential future customers put a face to your company. Among its many benefits are increasing your visibility, as well as reaching very different users with different characteristics. In addition, your audiovisual content can also go viral, which further increases its popularity.

You can also use other channels or make collaborations with influencers to reach a wider audience, collaborations that introduce you to a different audience, but which you can also attract, convert and even build loyalty. You should never close barriers and you should think about all the possible options with which you can attract customers.

YouTube is a good tool to promote the company's brand, a tool through which you can greatly improve both your company's experience and that of its users. In a way, you are sponsoring your brand, a sponsorship that is carried out through the video format, but which is equally legitimate and recommendable.

Use Inbound Marketing in your YouTube videos

Inbound Marketing is a more modern marketing technique and the opposite of traditional Outbound Marketing .

It consists of carrying out a non-intrusive marketing strategy, without overwhelming the user, offering them the products or services they want. It has several phases: attract, convert, close and delight .

In all stages the video format is important. In the first stage (attraction) you can gather the audience and then, with focused content in the second stage, get them to become customers. It consists of attracting a greater number of users who, subsequently, become sales opportunities and satisfied customers. Then the cycle does not end there, continue to feed the customer with relevant information and content so that they become a promoter of your company.

do you already know the importance of this social network? YouTube has gained relevance in the era in which we find ourselves and it is a simple and easy to use platform, as well as fast, where you can find all the content you want, whatever it is. It is essential to include it in your video marketing strategy to discover all the advantages it can offer you. Don't waste any more time and boost your videos with a YouTube channel!

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