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The importance of the welcome message to the user

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Hello, how are you?

don't you feel good with this message? Who doesn't feel better when they are asked "how are you?"? Hasn't it changed your mood every time you get home and your mum shouts "Hello, son, you're finally here! That feeling of being loved and accompanied is the same feeling your customers feel when you send them a good welcome message.

But, how do we manage to transmit that sensation and generate confidence in a first contact through a text? During this tour we invite you to know what a welcome message is, what is its importance, its usefulness and the parts that compose it.

To be successful in this first contact you must have defined your buyer persona. This way, you can personalise this first message and not jump into the void. Once you know them, know their preferences, their motivations, the searches they usually do, their interests and even their fears, you will be able to get closer to them.

But what exactly is a welcome message?

Let's start from the basics. A welcome is a polite and joyful welcome that you give to someone when they arrive at a place. In the field of marketing, the welcome message is the email where you are going to capture the most attention of your user. It is your letter of introduction to that possible client...possible, since it depends on this famous message to awaken their interest or simply let them escape.

The number of emails we receive every day is enormous, but we are sure that nobody reads them all. Users are attracted to a text that is close to them, that is not full of content, that is concise and well structured. In short, a good welcome message should have the right and necessary information for them to know your company and be aware of the benefits that your products or services offer in order to awaken in the user an attraction, identification or curiosity towards your brand.

Take advantage of this first contact and apply your marketing strategy, for example, give them a free sample of your product or service, offer them a discount or special offer, send them useful and downloadable material, and use all your artillery, as you only have one chance!

and what is the welcome message for?

Here are the main uses. Take note!

  1. Build a bond: quality interactions are the key to building a solid relationship marketing and the welcome message is the perfect tool to start gaining the trust of a potential customer. This first contact will help the user to get to know you and it will be up to you to make them become your customer.

  1. Introduce yourself: the first few times can be very good or a complete disaster. Use this resource to introduce your brand and generate interest in the user, so you will generate a good first impression. You have this space to tell who you are and what you do. If you want you can include a photo to create an emotional bond with the user. Show your most human side to gain their trust.

  1. Listen and ask questions: give the user the opportunity to communicate with you and your brand. Ask them what they think, what their interests are, if they like your content or what they would like to receive. Make them part of your family and give them a voice, make them feel at home. Their opinion is important for your growth, so take it into account to satisfy their needs and meet their expectations. Take advantage of this space to get to know your user better and create content that fits their preferences.

  1. Add value: guide users with useful information about your brand's products or services. Take them by the hand to get to know your brand and be their advisor along the way. Show them why they need it. Give them content that they can apply in their daily lives and that is really useful to them. Be sure that they will appreciate it and will come back for you and, in the future and with a good communication strategy, they will be your main spokespersons: they will recommend you.

  1. Introducea product or service: this is the perfect opportunity for your customers to learn about the products or services offered by your brand. Draw their attention by making them discover the advantages of these. Do not overload the welcome message with a lot of text, it will be enough to mention the advantages of your products. Remember: quality before quantity.

  1. Guide them by the hand to the next step: at some point we have all been "new" to something, at school, at university or at a job. Being new is intimidating, as everything is unknown and we often do not know how to act. This is your opportunity to make the user feel embraced and at home. Guide them, do not let them go at any time and always be attentive to any doubt or suggestion. Offering your help will make them trust your brand.

  1. Increase conversion: for your business to generate higher conversions, it is important that you use the right calls to action in the welcome message. The buttons you use must be found quickly and be attractive to the user. We recommend highlighting them with colour, preferably those of your brand, or including a GIF that causes fun.

All this will help you to build customer loyalty, take them to the purchase step, make them aware of the advantages of your product, offer a discount or incentive and obtain many more benefits for your company.

what is the structure of a welcome message?

The same as it has always been:

  1. Header

Here you can take the opportunity to greet and thank the user. It is important that the enthusiasm is reflected in these first words, but do not exaggerate, be natural and grateful. Also, take the opportunity to make a small presentation of your brand.

  1. Body

This is where the word "personalise" comes to life. Today, you can learn about user preferences and how they have interacted with your website. Take advantage of this information to offer them exactly what they are looking for and don't beat around the bush. This will ensure the user receives valuable, useful and targeted content that will keep them waiting for your next email.

Also, if you have offered any kind of discount, free access to content, offers or downloadable materials, this is the perfect space to indicate it. Don't forget to use this resource to capture their full attention.

  1. Farewell

In this space it is important to use calls to action, as they encourage conversation and could give continuity to the communication. We recommend using formulas such as "Questions?", "Do not hesitate to contact us", "Register" or "Buy now", depending on the strategies and objectives you have defined to promote your brand.

This structure will help your future customer to understand at a glance what you want to communicate. Presenting your content in a structured way is always the best way to avoid confusing the user and ensure their permanence. Do not underestimate the importance of the welcome message, as it is your ally and main tool to attract customers from the first contact.

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