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Boost the visibility of your online shop with the creation of a blog

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do you want to achieve your corporate goals and engage in a conversation with your audience? Many shops ignore blogging because they are unaware of its true benefits. Online business websites and blogs can be good friends if you get to know each other and arrange a meeting. We've called you here today to show you how these content spaces help online businesses.

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Significant facts about the blog

We love blogs. They are the only editorial spaces that manage to specialise in a way that is both interesting and beneficial. They educate and attract at the same time, so at Envisage & Grow we couldn't pass them up.

Here are some important facts about the use of blogs according to HubSpot:

  • More than 152 million blogs on the internet.
  • More than 50% of American companies use blogs as a marketing tool.
  • 65% of internet users are blog readers.
  • Blogs are among the most accurate sources of online information
  • About 43% of people browse blogs.
  • Content marketing boosts the organic positioning of your online shop in search engines.

People's behaviour is recorded in data that shows their interest in brand blogs. Did you know that the best advertising there is is the advertising done by satisfied customers? Word of mouth is the most powerful strategy.

Advantages of blogs in online shops

The marketing and sales industry is changing, and companies and consumers are living it. Making customers the heroes of companies' stories is almost a must, because no one gives life to the market like them. Blogs are part of your strategy, so we are going to introduce you here to their advantages:

  • Trust. Nobody bets on a brand's products or services if there is no bond of trust. Thanks to the positioning that your shop can achieve as a reference, your public will start to trust the proposal.
  • Become a benchmarkfor quality content. The best way to create quality content should start with clarity of ideas and the creation of specialised content on a specific subject.
  • Attract traffic. The blog tool offers content creators a perfect scenario to generate traffic to the website.
  • Calls to action. These buttons should be included in your publications to invite users to perform an action, either to fill in a form with their data, or to share the content, etc.
  • Increased visibility of the website. Internet presence counts and corporate blogs can help to improve the visibility of your shop, as long as you take into account the inclusion of links, keywords about the sector, etc.

A question has arisen that may frustrate many companies that have blogs, but the question is there and it is time to address it. Who is interested in the content you create?

Those interested in the content of your blog are potential customers

Applying content marketing to the overall strategy is a necessary task to increase the visibility of brands. It is a process that begins with the definition of the buyer persona and continues with the layout of the knowledge you want to convey to your audience. Keep in mind that if your potential customers have reached you, it is because you have attracted them through content that interests them. They may just be browsing your posts to learn a thing or two, they may want to identify a problem or need, or they may be looking for a solution. In any case, they know they have landed in a place of interest.

What helps people, helps business - Leo Burnett

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