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Branding and the brand design process

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The concept of branding encompasses a long and costly process that consists mainly of building your brand and giving it an identity and values by which it is recognised.

Branding encompasses the process from the minute you decide on the name of your brand until your identity is completely defined. And yet, the process of branding never ends because you have to continue to maintain the prestige you have achieved, if you relax and abandon your marketing strategy, your brand will stop reinventing itself and you will lose credibility.

The main objective of branding is to make your brand stand out from the other brands that make up the competition in your sector, a good positioning within the market will provide your brand with a personality and values that will make it stand out from the rest. All this with a clear final objective of achieving a greater number of clients and with that, sales.

For this to happen, the process to be followed must be as complete as possible, but above all it must be a striking process, if the process attracts the customer's attention, it will bear fruit as a marketing strategy.

The branding process

1. Objectives

In the branding process to follow, the first part should be to know your objectives. Once these objectives are set in your strategy, you can start working on them, you know where you have to get to and by having them set, if you don't get there, you will know where you are failing.

2. Logo

Uno de los elementos más importantes en torno a una marca es el logotipo, este es la representación de la marca, los clientes lo reconocerán y visualizarán la marca gracias a él por lo que supone gran importancia a la hora de empezar con el branding. A la hora de diseñar el logo hay que tener muchas cosas en cuenta, en primer lugar, todos los detalles que aparezcan te van a definir como marca, y esto no puede decidirse a la ligera. Elegir bien los colores es muy importante para tu logo porque esos colores son los que van a representar tu marca, debes escogerlos según tus valores. Si tu empresa es una funeraria, el rosa neón y el verde fosforito no serán una buena idea, pero si en cambio es el logo de un pub, estos colores podrían ir bien. Otro elemento muy importante dentro del logotipo y de la web es la tipografía, esta identificación visual hará que solo con ver la tipografía reconozcas la marca. Como pasa por ejemplo con la distintiva tipografía de “Coca-cola”.

Once the logo is finished, don't think that everything is a piece of cake, this is only one step in the long process of branding.

3. Corporate Identity

Since we can already say that people identify our brand with a logo, it is the corporate identity that becomes important and is responsible for presenting the brand. With this we continue creating our brand, adding details and defining its values, as the brand grows, its characteristics must grow and above all increase its diffusion, which is what we can already do in this phase after having finished the logo.

4. Brand personality

Brands, like people, have a personality to attract, this is also the work of branding, the public will recognise a brand by that personality, if it is not well formed or the personality is perceived by the public as negative, nobody will want to buy from our business.

5. Credibility and trust

It is not only important for a brand to have a good personality, with this and with the corporate identity it is necessary to generate trust in users that will make them buy our products. For this many elements are needed, we must take everything into account, that our page loads quickly or respond quickly to the doubts of our users maintaining a fluid conversation are a good example to have that important credibility that is so important for our brand.

6. Differentiate yourself from the competition

The previous steps are important but you must always be very aware of what your competition does, if you form the personality of your brand and your competition is characterised by having a very explosive personality, you have to try to compete with it, if you are satisfied with your personality but do not try to stand out, you are lost, there are many elements with which to stand out from the others.

7. Products and services

Having a strong personality and a good identity is important, but you must not neglect the care of products and services. You have to know how to sell yourself, in a business is the most important thing, not only you have to sell your brand identity, if your personality is very strong but you neglect the quality of your products or do not invest enough in recommending them, the customer will not spend money in your business.

Types of branding

-Personal branding: It is the personal management of your brand, so that the public knows clearly who you are and what you offer, you have to be very clear about what you want the public to identify you by and when you know it, make the maximum effort to exploit it and design that image of your brand for which you want to be recognised.

-Corporate branding: It is the basis of any brand, it is the way in which a brand is projected to its public as a whole, it is a perception that we build as a brand so that consumers do not have the wrong one, if you do not build the perception that the public has of your brand, they will have wrong perceptions and even a bad impression.

-Employer branding: This trend is more in the area of human resources. If a company takes care of its staff, hires a lot and builds employee loyalty, the perception that the public has of that brand will be good because the perception that the brand is creating is beneficial for people, so the public recognises the brand as a human brand. If it is good for its workers, the better it will be for its customers.

In conclusion, the process of establishing a good brand image is tedious and time consuming and you have to take care of many details but it is worth the branding work to position your brand above your competitors.

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