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Video game development to improve your company's branding

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did you know that the development of video games in the business environment can significantly improve your company's branding? All of this is part of a strategy that can be summed up in one key word: gamification.

Gamification has established itself as a trend in modern digital companies that works. For several years now, companies all over the world have been incorporating this strategy into multiple processes to achieve their internal and external objectives, and thus improve the brand reputation of their organisation.

But what is gamification? How can you apply it in your company? How can it help to improve your company's branding? We explain everything you need to know about this strategy to get all the benefits your company needs.

Gamification: what it is and how it works

Gamification or gamification is a strategy that aims to apply the mechanics and dynamics of games in a different environment, usually in the context of work and work functions in our daily lives. Its main purpose is to promote and improve employee satisfaction, productivity and the reputation of the company.

This trend is increasingly being embraced by companies, who have seen it as the perfect opportunity to develop their brand, and to make everyday tasks much simpler and more fun. One of its main values is that it makes the process experience itself much more satisfying or streamlined.

It can be used in various professional fields, such as health, sales, marketing, education, health, etc. In the workplace, it serves as the main stimulus to streamline processes and make them more efficient. It can be used for two areas within companies:

  • Internal organisation: it is a perfect element to improve employer branding, as more and more candidates value exhaustively the working conditions of the companies they want to join. Gamification can be a decisive point, as it provides added value to the employee's experience and professional growth.
  • External organisation: A well-implemented gamification can be the perfect stimulus to improve processes. Incorporating this technique in your digital marketing strategy is essential to develop performance and improve your company's productivity.

It is a strategy, therefore, that serves to improve both the internal and external reputation of a company. In the eyes of employees and in the eyes of a brand's customers.

how can you integrate gamification in your company?

Nowadays, gamification is present in our daily lives as one of the methods to capture attention, increase effort and concentration and achieve the active participation of certain users in a process in which at first they would not seem to be interested or enthusiastic.

The first fundamental step to take into account before starting with the gamification strategy in your company is to know how you are going to develop it, or in other words, how to develop the video games that are going to be present in all your business strategies. Without a professional and specialised opinion and participation in this field, it is not possible to develop a good gamification strategy.

In the case of the business field, gamification is key to:

  • Increase the participation of our customers through online strategies (social networks, websites, smartphones, ...).
  • Increase the participation of our customers through offline strategies (events, shopping centres, meetings, ...).

Gamification, in this sense, serves to take advantage of the principle of reward and incentive and thus increase action and interaction with customers. As a result, customer loyalty is fostered, who will not only become a consumer, but a representative of our brand by participating in these game processes and talking about their experience.

Advantages that gamification can bring to your company

Gamification or the development of games in the business environment has become a fundamental part of the digital marketing strategies of many companies. There are several advantages that this technique can bring:

  • It improves engagement: gamification is a key factor in improving a company's engagement. With a well-developed and attractive video game, the customer will interact more with the brand, and this will lead to a certain degree of loyalty.
  • Improved web positioning: creating a game on your website or on your social networks will increase the number of interactions with your website by far, and therefore improve your search engine positioning.
  • Increased sales: a gamification campaign offers rewards to users through interactive platforms, which is undoubtedly a perfect tool to incentivise sales for a brand.
  • Improved communication: a company's communication will be more efficient and improved when a gamification strategy is included, not only for the company's customers, but also for the employees that make up the internal organisation of the company.

does gamification improve your company's branding?

Developing video games in your company is a fundamental part of an organisation's gamification strategy, a strategy that undoubtedly has a very positive influence on the brand perception of your customers.

Not all brands interact with their customers, a common mistake, as it can be the difference between a good reputation and a bad image.

A satisfied and happy customer will recommend your games (or in other words, your brand) to other people, which translates into an increase in customers, making gamification one of the main strategies for attracting and retaining customers and improving your company's branding.

I want to develop a gamification strategy, but I don't know where to start

Developing games in your digital marketing strategy can be a complicated task, if you don't have the necessary resources to carry it out. And the main and most important one is the human resource. You should contact professionals specialised in game development, who know how to focus this method within your digital strategies.

You are in luck, because at Occam we are experts in the development of software and web applications. After seeing all the advantages that you can obtain thanks to a good gamification strategy, it is in your hands to take the definitive step.

In the meantime, you can contact us and we will solve all your doubts.

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