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What is not communicated does not exist

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Communicating nowadays should not be a problem because there are many ways to do it, both for an individual and for an organisation or company. Moreover, we all communicate, from an ant to you, who are reading this. What makes us different is that we have an emotional charge and a perception, which the rest of living beings do not have. That is, we can receive, perceive and assimilate information, and according to our prejudices and emotional charge we will react in one way or another.

The Internet continues to evolve and this means that we are also changing the way we interact. Whether we are customers or business people, we both consume information. We live in a digital world, that is, today a viewer who is watching television and sees an advertisement does not go straight to the shop to buy it, but first searches the Internet to broaden his knowledge, and even to seek opinions from strangers about that product or service.

Years ago, some businesses refused to have a website, but now it is no longer enough to have a website, they have to manage their social networks, promote themselves, gain visibility, etc. And why is that? Well, because as Umberto ECO says, "what is not communicated does not exist", therefore, we have to communicate in order to stand out and reach people, at that moment we will exist, we will be known .

 ComunicaciónNow that we have come to the conclusion that we have to communicate, some may ask: what is communication?

Well, from a theoretical point of view, communication is the ability of living beings to transmit information, feelings and experiences to others. It is a process of transmitting information, which consists of four essential elements: sender, receiver, message and medium. The latter will be in charge of defining digital communication.

This communication I am talking about does not have to be only verbal, but there is also non-verbal communication, for example: body language, the way we dress, the way we smell... in other words, everything communicates. You must also differentiate between three types of communication:

  • Auditory: communication that takes place through sounds produced by the sender, e.g. a shout.
  • Visual: is the communication, the information that the receiver perceives by sight, e.g.: your friend winking at you, which can mean "okey".
  • Tactile: when both the sender and the receiver come into physical contact, e.g. a caress.

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by the way, can you think of any other examples of types of communication?


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