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how to generate leads on social media?

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The concern within any marketing strategy is to generate leads for the business, but not just any lead will do, it is very important to get quality leads so that they can convert in a much easier way. The problem comes when we are getting these leads on social networks, on these platforms there are a large number of users who consume huge amounts of information, so it is very difficult to get quality leads that are really going to become customers.

what is a lead and why is it important?

We can define a lead as an internet user who has landed on your landing page in search of an offer or extra content and in order to get it has had to offer that company their personal data, which is later used by the company itself to obtain potential customers and in the future to close a sale.

But not all leads have the same quality, depending on the phase in which they are in the sales funnel, we can differentiate three types of leads:

  1. Cold leads

    This user has provided the company with their basic information, such as their name or email address, and has filled in a form to obtain something that interests them in return. This helps the company to prepare them to move on to the next phase with personalised emails and offers, as the cold lead is at the beginning of their buying process.

  2. MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)
    This is already at a more advanced stage in the sales funnel. They have not only landed on our landing page to obtain something specific, they have already moved to another level and have shown interest in one of our products or services. These leads are becoming more like our buyer persona, they are more oriented to the sale, but they still need a push to finalise the purchase.

  3. SQL (Sales Qualified Lead)
    This is the most advanced user in the sales funnel. These are the leads that have shown more interest in our products or services, apart from having approached us more directly after having called us, asked for information, a quote, etc.

If you want to get these quality leads on social networks, you should develop a marketing strategy that is adapted to the specific social network where you want to generate those leads.

Not all the leads you generate end up becoming customers, this depends on the type of lead you are attracting, but it is much more likely to get customers if you are attracting many leads to your website.

how to generate quality leads?

  1. Create ads in the networks

    This is one of the most effective techniques when it comes to getting leads on social networks, you can easily convert them into potential customers. Before this you should find out what social network your audience is on, as within each platform there are different tools to advertise.

    • Facebook: This platform has the facebook lead ads tool, this generates great conversions, basically because the platform facilitates immediate subscription. From this same tool you can download the data of all leads and import them directly to your email marketing tool.

    • Twitter: The tool that twitter offers is Twitter Lead Generation Card, it is very easy to use, you just have to create a twitter card and you can generate leads, it is important not to forget to add the address of the website or a landing where you can clearly see your offer.

    • Instagram: Very similar to the facebook tool, instagram offers instagram lead ads, these ads are a good way to convert your audience, although you should also take other forms of advertising, such as visual campaigns with influencers.

    • LinkedIn: In this platform we have LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, with it we capture leads through forms, which is a very useful way to access the information of your potential customers in order to create personalised campaigns.
  2. Participate

    Social networks have been created with one intention, to interact, so it is very important that as a company you are active within the networks. You must answer the comments of your followers. Positive comments should be answered so that your users feel cared for and valued by you, answer their questions without delay, check very well that you do not have any doubt to answer. As for the negative comments, you should also answer, but always under the education and respect because otherwise you will be giving a negative image of your brand.

  3. Use groups
    On Facebook and LinkedIn there are groups of any subject, in them users communicate with each other and with the brand itself, they are very useful when connecting with the audience and the contents are easier to consume. Once you are in the group you have to be careful with how you show your content so it does not look like spam, it is normal to share blog articles and publish landing pages. Remember, since you are in a group with other users, take the opportunity to customize the content.

  4. Take care of the content

    You have to be constant when publishing your content, and not only that, you must adapt to current trends and create content that is really attractive to users. To do this you must adapt the content to each social network.

    On Facebook, the most common is to capture leads through landing pages or promotions.

    On Twitter what stands out most is immediacy, so the best option is to redirect the user to a landing page where they can leave their details.

    On Instagram, on the other hand, what is most recommended when displaying content is to promote the side of the brand that is more visual.

  5. where is your audience?
    For this you must know your target audience very well, once you know how they behave and above all, where, you will have the way done. If your target audience only consumes instagram, it will be a waste of time and money to also invest in facebook, taking our efforts only to where the audience interested in your services is.

In conclusion, there are many ways to generate leads, but with these 5 steps, it will be much easier to reach them, you must analyse your strategy within social networks in order to check what is working and what is not.

And you, are you going to capture quality leads on social networks?

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