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Main ways to generate leads in the IT sector

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Companies in the IT sector operate in an environment that, for now, does not seem to want to stop being anchored to the label 'novelty'. Some write valuable content on their websites, carry out continuous activity on social networks, share content, and manage to have a high number of followers on them. Others, however, shuffle day by day multiple possibilities to achieve it, and end up falling into the tempting option of the internet to find them. They seek solutions to their uncertainties. They come up with lists of values, but do not know how to apply them. So, to try all the millions of alternatives that, at some point, turn on the light bulb of hope for companies. But what is the ultimate goal of all their practices? Getting leads.

Generating leads in the IT sector

are you ready to change your perspective on how to get leads in the IT sector? Dreaming about it is the first step to reach that great goal. If you are ready to dive into this journey, we show you the main ways to reach your destination.

3 ways to generate leads in the IT sector

When we talk about channels or ways to generate leads in the IT sector, there are two main ways: online and offline. In this case, we will focus on the online ways, as this is the main environment in which companies in the IT sector work and operate:

  • eBooks are one of the most potential Inbound Marketing tools for lead generation. Turning strangers into visitors and visitors into customers requires effort and dedication. To begin with, you have to create calls to action (CTAs) that attract attention and, as a result, produce the desired effect. This is where content offers such as eBooks or e-books come into play.
    They must offer value and act as hooks to capture leads. In this process, it is also necessary to have a landing page or landing page. It must be well designed and organised. With all this, we can achieve very favourable results. The question is: when should we create an eBook?
  • When we want to provide additional valuable content.
  • When its content is too extensive to be offered in the form of an article.
  • Social media: Although there are still many people who are reluctant to advertise on social networks, there is a majority who are willing to give part of their data (email, name, surname) in exchange for offers or other elements that are interesting enough to produce this exchange of information. Every time a user registers their data through this channel, a new lead is generated.
  • Email marketing: This technique begins when prospecting campaigns are carried out through email. So far, many companies have experienced excellent results with this practice. It is not enough to write content and propose an offer, it is also necessary to segment the audience when sending emails.

Differentiate yourself from other sectors

Generating leads in the IT sector has a fundamental difference with other sectors, and that is that it is its own path. What we are trying to say with this is that the internet and new information technologies are the same ones that have caused the sector to have to adapt. It is through their channels that we carry out the necessary practices for lead generation. We do this with social networks, emails, content published on websites, blogs, etc. There are so many values that are generated day by day, that there are more and more requirements to which websites must adapt (responsive design, valuable content, keywords, generation of infographics, etc.).

Taking care of our sales opportunities

It is important to establish a good strategy. Generating leads in the IT sector means creating sales opportunities. People who are willing to keep up to date with your content and offers. It is up to us whether they become customers or not. We must look after them and, above all, remember that the IT sector is growing by leaps and bounds. These are seeds that have fallen into our hands. We must cultivate them carefully and give them our dedication so that, in the long run, we can reap the rewards.

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