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Why generate leads in the IT sector

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Today, many of you are asking yourselves questions about the importance of generating leads in your business, but how many of you are willing to find answers? If you are one of them, you are in the right place. This article will teach you why leads are a key point in the strategy of companies in the IT sector.

what is a lead?

generar leads para el sector ITIn Inbound Marketing, talking about leads means talking about sales opportunities. Talking about sales opportunities means talking about contacts. And so on. A lead is nothing more and nothing less than a person who registers and provides their contact details through the form on a landing page, so that they become part of a company's database. These sales opportunities can be very different depending on the interest they have shown when requesting information about your product or service. For example:

  • Leads who provide basic information and download some of the content. They are a long way from buying.
  • Leads who have shown interest in the content on several occasions, so you can ask them for more information in the forms. In this way, we could know if it is a valuable sales opportunity or not. Qualified leads, with a high interest, are the prospects most likely to make a transaction.
  • Leads that have generally progressed through the marketing funnel and may have downloaded more content, so you have more information about them.

how can lead generation help IT companies?

Increasing sales is the quintessential activity for companies to stay afloat. It is one of the most basic, primordial and motivational exercises. They work and strive for it every day. To increase profits, to make the company gradually better known, to achieve a greater reach, for the sheer pleasure of it. Creating a brand is the first step to differentiate your products and services from the competition. However, it is not the same to strive to increase sales in the rush to make profits as it is to decide to generate valuable, organised, powerful, informative content, with a methodology and in a natural way.

This second way of doing it seems the most appropriate, right? However, most companies in the IT sector forget its importance. We stick to a final goal without remembering that, to get there, you have to go through a process. Lead generation is to companies in the IT sector what an old man's walking stick is to an old man, that is, you can walk without it, but you will not get very far. You will stagnate in one place. You will stay in one place. You may survive, but you will never move from there.

In short, lead generation in the IT sector companies serves to:

  1. Creating a solid and established database that allows you to carry out promotional campaigns through email marketing.
  2. They allow you to have a direct point of contact with sales opportunities, understand what their needs are and offer them our services.
  3. You deliver valuable and useful content to the user, just what they were looking for.
  4. It is the first step to making a sale.

Leads as part of the Inbound Marketing strategy

An Inbound Marketing strategy can help the IT sector considerably. The attraction of qualified leads, through the generation of specific content for the potential customers of these companies, can be the main way. With this, they would not only be increasing the traffic of their content, but they would also be helping their audience. It is a natural process that leaves aside the invasion techniques. The validity of our content will be the weapon on which the return of buyer personas to our page and their conversion into customers depends.

Lead generation in IT companies can help in several ways. We are immersed in a technological and information era, so it is the ideal time for IT companies to work on capturing leads. Every day, more and more companies, individuals and organisations are using elements of information technology, so, in the same way, more and more companies, individuals and organisations need to find information about it. Generating valuable content is, therefore, the key to their conversion.

Valuable content, a magnet for generating leads in the IT sector

Inbound Marketing is a single piece made up of multiple small elements, such as responsive design, or SEO. When put together, they achieve great results. Content is the main part of this methodology, as it is the magnet to attract visitors. Converting them into leads is the next step. Are you ready to achieve it?

If in your Inbound methodology process you are concerned about achieving a successful strategy in the IT sector, but you leave aside the leads, do not pay them the necessary attention and forget the conversion processes, remember that all your efforts will be in vain.

there is no greater satisfaction than reaping the fruits of your labour!

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