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how does HubSpot's platform help my business?

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Before we tell you what this platform can do for you, let us explain what Hubspot is, because it might be the first time you hear about this CRM tool, but we assure you that once you try it in your business you will never want to use another one.

read on to make sure you don't miss a thing!

what is Hubspot?

Hubspot is a software platform that helps companies to attract visitors, convert them into leads and finally, transform them into customers through a very simple formula: seduce users with relevant, useful and quality content.

This platform was founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, who realised that traditional marketing or Outbound marketing was no longer working. New technologies and the internet made marketing change, and so they created Hubspot, based on the Inbound Marketing methodology.

HubSpot is the software that allows you to move through the conversion funnel, that is, your potential customer to move from one stage in your journey to the sale.

Within the platform you can find:

  • tools for content management, for example, the creation of calls to action or CTAs, or thank you pages.
  • support tools, including tools for SEO, social media monitoring and various email functions such as templates.
  • lead nurturing and sales opportunity management tools: Here we find marketing automation, lead and sales opportunity management or different analytics.
  • blog tools, which contain templates and facilitate the introduction of content, as they contain metrics that calculate the reach or organic positioning.

HubSpot aims to help you achieve your goals, which is why it brings together all the possible digital tools so that you can attract, convert, close and delight from a single platform. In short, it makes the process easier for you.


how does Hubspot work?

We have already explained what Hubspot is, and as you can see it is a software where you find automation tools, analytics, SEO, blogging, social media, landings generation, it is an all in one.

It is true that the platform began as a software dedicated to the world of marketing, but now it has been extended to sales with the creation of CRM and customer service functions.

Hubspot seeks new business opportunities, to close the sale and get new customers and also to offer a good service to get satisfied customers to recommend you. The latter has become essential in recent years, as it has been proven that "word of mouth" is a factor for the growth of a company, first because it gives you credibility and second, because you get publicity without the need to create a campaign, since it is the customer who is responsible for doing so.

The platform has the following functionalities: CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Operations Hub and CMS Hub.

But how does it help your business?

After reading what Hubspot is and what it is for, it is clear that this multi-platform serves to simplify many of the tasks of a company, from your digital marketing strategies to the automation of processes.

Here is a list of the benefits of having this platform in your company:

  • increase web traffic. This is possible because it has tools to manage social networks, ad campaigns (social ads), to perform SEO, manage a blog and optimise content. All these tools together will help you with the mission of attracting users to your website to convert them into customers.
  • lead acquisition: Hubspot will help you with this task through tools to make landing pages, forms and call to action (CTA).
  • contacting sales opportunities. After the previous point, i.e. lead acquisition, it's time to convert leads into customers, which is why this software allows you to monitor your customers throughout the process, track emails and schedule them automatically, as well as create email templates and make calls to your leads.
  • close sales opportunities: Now that you have almost made the sale, this platform helps you to close and manage it with tools such as document tracking, sales automation, sales opportunity management, i.e., you can consult all the communication history you have had with customers, and finally, pipeline management.
  • all the tools in one. It is very important not to waste time, and having a single platform where you can find and manage your tasks saves you effort. If you have to manage different tools and pages, as well as understand them all, in the end you lose time that you can invest in other more important tasks.
  • technical support and community tools: In addition to the above, Hubspot offers hundreds of courses you can take, a community of members and other free tools such as "Make my persona", which allows you to create your buyer persona.


It is currently a platform used by many brands to control their communication and sales channels, as you can find everything in one place without having to use several tools.

Now that you know what Hubspot's platform is all about, it's your turn to choose if it's right for you, but as you've read throughout this post, it's a very powerful tool in the world of Inbound marketing, because it's easy, fast and intuitive.

we hope we have solved all your doubts and that you have enjoyed reading this post!

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