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how to market cryptocurrencies?

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I have a great business idea, but I don't know how to grow it... We're sure you've heard of cryptocurrencies countless times.

We are convinced that you have heard about cryptocurrencies countless times. Since their launch in 2009, with Bitcoin, the issuance of these assets has proliferated at great speed. We hear about them, about their new launches, about the reluctance of some banks, about their reception in certain countries... But what are they really? How do they differ from tokens? Do they have a future in our society? Is their regulation possible? How to market cryptocurrencies?

This post brings the answers to these questions, so come with us, let's get started!

what are cryptocurrencies and how do they work?

There are many ways to define cryptocurrencies, but the European Central Bank came up with a very good definition: "Cryptocurrencies are the digital representation of value, not issued by any recognised central authority, credit institution or issuer of electronic money, which can sometimes be used as an alternative means of payment to money".

The channel through which cryptocurrencies operate is the Internet, and their operation is based on a peer-to-peer (P2P) system, which is a very secure way of operating based on cryptography and where value is transmitted without intermediaries.

From a technological point of view, cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, a kind of distributed ledger that records transactions in blocks linked together to increase security, thanks to the presence of cryptographic algorithms.

How cryptocurrencies work

When A wants to send X money to B through a bank, A asks the bank to withdraw the money from its account to send it to the recipient. This process takes more time than if it is done through blockchain technology, where there are no intermediaries and the money is sent instantly.

This same transaction with cryptocurrencies works in a different way. To begin with, no one will know who users A and B are. The money is sent directly from one digital wallet to another. At the same time, a message is sent to the users to notify them of the intention. When it is checked whether there is enough balance to carry out the transaction, the transaction is noted down. Little by little, a block is created and later validated. When the transaction is carried out, several nodes verify it and record it in the blockchain. The miners create the blocks, which cannot be modified.

integrity is guaranteed!

Differences between tokens and cryptocurrencies

The big difference between these assets is that a cryptocurrency uses its own blockchain network to operate, while a token does not have to have one. In other words, it uses the blockchain of another cryptocurrency. For example, Ethereum's ERC20 was created to be able to create tokens with Smart Contracts. Thus, we can conclude that a cryptocurrency is a token, but a token does not have to be a cryptocurrency.

everything clear so far?

what is marketing for cryptocurrencies?

At this point, and now that you know exactly what cryptocurrencies are and how they differ from tokens, it's time to shape your business.

Continuing with the example of cryptocurrencies, let's say you are about to launch a business with these virtual currencies. These assets are gaining more and more ground and have already become a favourite system for many people and companies. You certainly have a potential idea for this sector, but how are you going to make it known?

marketing for cryptocurrencies and ICOs has the answer!

Bearing in mind that they are a real financial revolution, at Occam Digital Agency we are committed to the growth of potential projects that seek to obtain funding and recognition to reach the top. Blockchain technology is a secure system, we trust in its capabilities and we are aware of the advantages it brings in many sectors (financial, automotive, real estate, etc.).

This has led us to facilitate the path of those innovative projects that can leave their mark on society and change the way we operate forever. As specialists in both sides of the coin (marketing and blockchain development), we put ourselves in your shoes, analyse your needs and work side by side to make your project known. Marketing is for everyone, also for cryptocurrencies.

do you have a project in mind and you don't know how to make it known? Read on, we can help you with our tools.

6 things Occam can do for your cryptocurrencies and ICOs

We believe in technologies that can change the world, which is why we are specialists in blockchain technology, which started with cryptocurrencies, although its applications go far beyond that.

From a cryptocurrency marketing point of view, our team offers customised solutions for each of your needs:

  1. Inbound Marketing: There is nothing like engaging your target audience and achieving the best results online.
  2. Social Media is a perfect opportunity to strengthen the bond with your customers, boost your sales, reach faster and further where they need you.
  3. Web and App creation. The digital showcase comes first when you want to boost your business in the digital universe.
  4. Automated marketing: Helps you to prioritise and execute your marketing actions in an agile and efficient way, improving revenue, reducing costs and optimising work.
  5. Search engine optimisation is not just about search engines, it's also about making your site better for people. We make sure your website meets technical SEO requirements.
  6. Content marketing- Google values the interest, quality and freshness of your content, which is key to educating your audience and reinforcing your brand's foundation.

At Occam Digital Agency, we know that every project is different. We have the experience in marketing for cryptocurrencies, ICOs and blockchain that your project needs to make the leap.

let's talk?

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