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How to market for exchanges

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boosting my cryptocurrency exchange- how do you do that?

If you have done some research into the world of cryptocurrencies, you will know that exchanges are the meeting point where cryptocurrencies are exchanged for cash or other virtual currencies. Nowadays, not only can you invest in these companies, but there is also a much more logical and profitable option: creating and running your own exchange system.

You may say "sure, but that takes a lot of money, effort and dedication, otherwise how will the public know about it?

Making your cryptocurrency business known is not as complicated as you think, you just need to find a marketing agency specialised in the sector that will give your project the boost it needs. Do you want to know how to market exchanges?

join us in this post!

Cryptocurrency exchange features

So far, most of the investments made in the crypto sector have been directed towards the purchase of cryptocurrencies, tokens, NFTs and Bitcoin ETFs, among others, but what if we told you that you can also invest in exchanges or create your own and make it known with the help of marketing?

But before we dive into this topic, we would like to remind you of the types of cryptocurrency exchanges and their main characteristics:

Exchange types and features

  • Centralised exchange (CES): it has a very high liquidity, coins are guarded by third parties, coins can be purchased with fiat money, it has a very easy-to-use interface and allows many different actions to be performed. On the other hand, control is centralised, user privacy is lower and transactions have high fees.

  • Decentralised Exchange (DEX): users have full power over their funds, privacy, security and transparency are greater, transaction fees are reduced and the exchange between tokens is very simple. The main disadvantage is that it is difficult to use for users who are taking their first steps in the sector, supply and demand can be very limited and the possibilities for operation are fewer.

  • Traditional Exchanges: This refers to platforms where users access to buy or sell tokens based on the market price. They are generally highly regulated and comply with KYC and AML rules. If the user does not disclose their identity, it is very difficult to participate in them, such as Binance.

  • Brokers, which allow the exchange of one virtual currency for another very quickly. They have a very simple structure, e.g. Bit2Me.

  • OTC (Over-The-Counter) platforms: These over-the-counter markets allow users to trade different instruments, from stocks and swaps to currencies and bonds, among others. They offer point-to-point exchanges between buyers and sellers.

In general, they range from traditional exchanges, to OTC, cryptocurrency brokers, and centralised and decentralised exchanges. Have you set up an exchange in any of these categories? Do you know how to get further and faster?

read on!

What is marketing for exchanges?

do you have a potential business idea in the cryptocurrency sector? Would you like to boost its growth but don't know where to start?

Clearly you have an innovative idea and a potential audience eager to start using a solution like the one you offer, but it's no use having the most groundbreaking business in the world if no one is there to see it. What can you do? In three words: Exchange Marketing.

It is a process that consists of boosting the visibility of your project through the tools offered by digital marketing, such as: Inbound Marketing (attract your audience and get the best results), Social Media (build your community to reach faster and further), the creation of website and App (build your digital showcase), automated marketing (improve revenue, reduce costs and optimise the work system), strategy (take care of every detail on site and off site), positioning (ensure that your page meets the technical requirements SEO) and content marketing (educate your audience and strengthen the foundations of the brand).

At Occam Digital Agency, we are specialists in each of the above marketing tools for exchanges. We can help you through the long journey of coming up with a business idea, developing it and making it known to attract your target audience.

Conclusions on marketing and exchanges

Making cryptocurrency exchanges known is synonymous with reaching those users who need you to increase their power over their own funds, increase the privacy of their operations and enjoy the exchange of cryptocurrencies without facing high commissions, among other things. In short, these online exchanges generate the market price that guides the value of virtual currencies based on supply and demand.

Many exchanges also allow other actions, but in any case, the aim is to allow traders to participate in a market where they can make a profit thanks to the price variation.

make your exchange known with Inbound Marketing and boost the economic and financial life of cryptocurrencies!

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