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how does integrating Monday with Hubspot help me?

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HubSpot has built a reputation as one of the great CRM or Content Management Systems, as it has impressive marketing and sales functionality. With the right plan, you can get very effective project management tools, which sounds great if you want to streamline your entire workflow in one application.

but are HubSpot's functionalities enough for all companies?

In the current context, new tools for managing customer relationships have emerged that are benefiting from HubSpot's functionalities, such as the intuitive interface, which is increasingly appealing to marketing teams and project managers around the world.

Both platforms have found the perfect solution to leverage each other's functionality: integrating Monday with HubSpot.

how does this integration work and what benefits can it bring to your business? We tell you all about it here.

About HubSpot

HubSpot is a free CRM available to any business, providing all team members with the tools they need to optimise their tasks to the maximum. The software is easy to use, so there is no need to set up a training period for employees who will be using it on a daily basis. The wide range of functionalities offered by HubSpot's software allows you to automate many everyday tasks, such as updating reports, so you can spend your time on more vital aspects of business development.

Key HubSpot features:

  • Database- Automatically create company reports, link contacts, eliminate duplicate leads, and manage distracting details for teams - collect and store data on contacts, companies, deals and tasks with a database that can be customised to your needs.
  • Timeline - Organise every email, note, call and even website visit in one simple, intuitive view. Today's sales process is driven by multiple touch points and dozens of channels, so having Timeline allows users to make calls, send emails, set reminders and organise their day in one place.
  • Templates and content - Create and save email templates, schedule messages and store sales content in HubSpot CRM.
  • Company database and automatic enrichment - Instantlysee any new and useful information about your contacts or the companies you add to HubSpot CRM. Explore a database of millions of new companies directly from HubSpot CRM. Watch your website traffic to identify the companies browsing your site. You can add social profiles, any background information, details about key employees and related companies.
  • Integrates with the tools you already use - HubSpot CRM connects to the tools you already use, keeping up to date and displaying useful details throughout the day (no need to log into your CRM system). Integrations include Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook for Windows, Apple Mail and Google Drive. It'll be there when you need it and out of your way when you don't.

About Monday is a CRM designed to allow you to create customised business projects and workflows in minutes with a wide range of templates and blocks.

These visual resources can be applied to any process in any department or industry, and are so easy to use that all you have to do is arrange and place them where they are most useful.

This programme is designed for professional teams of all sizes, allowing you to tailor it to the specific needs of your organisation, and its core component is a fully customisable table for managing daily tasks, as well as managing large business projects.

Key features of

  • Manage anything - List your projects, customers, tasks, processes and much more. You will have a complete overview of who is responsible for what and you will be able to map out clear phases for each of your projects.
  • Easily see the big picture - With its intuitive and visual interface, you can manage your people and project management at a glance.
  • Manage time visually - Its timeline function picks up everything that's missing from a Gantt chart, making it super-flexible, intuitive and people-centric.
  • Communicate in context - If you can use Facebook, you can use By adding comments, mentioning colleagues and uploading documents, helps you reduce emails and meetings by 50%.
  • Create total transparency - Keep everyone onthe same page at all times and @mention individuals or teams so important things never go unnoticed. You can share everything with your team and give them a full view of everyone's work output.
  • Full integration - Connect with the applications you use every day to transfer information to
  • Access from anywhere - is accessible from your computer or mobile phone.

Benefits of integrating Monday with HubSpot

As a standalone platform, Monday offers a customisable space to conveniently manage, track and optimise marketing efforts.

When synced with a marketing automation system like HubSpot, collaboration and clarity are now more effective than ever. Monday's integration with a marketing automation system enables instant transparency into campaign statuses, marketing assets, data, collaboration and more.

Here are the key benefits of Monday's integration with HubSpot:

  • Reduce "asset bloat"

do you know how many emails you have in your CRM right now? Probably not. Marketing assets are remarkably voluminous. HubSpot is a wonderful place to house them, but dashboards are a more efficient place to view and manage them. With Monday's integration with HubSpot, your HubSpot marketing assets will be easily trackable from your account, saving you headaches and time-consuming searches for marketing materials.

  • Improve collaboration

From copywriters and graphic designers to operations managers and analysts, all facets of a marketing department can come together on Monday to review and report on campaign data. Say goodbye to long waits for status updates or confusion over task assignments - thanks to HubDay, everything is in plain sight.

  • Manage launch dates and deadlines offers a variety of visualisation styles for data, including calendars, timelines and charts. This makes the dashboards an optimal place to plan marketing campaigns and keep everyone aligned on progress. With HubSpot's real-time data feed to Monday's campaign dashboards, teams can check active statuses and plan launch deadlines with greater accuracy.

  • View campaign data

HubSpot's reporting tools and dashboards are extremely useful for campaign analysis. Consolidating these metrics into a dashboard optimises readability and shareability of vital data, so you can compare the performance of dozens or hundreds of email marketing campaigns to quickly identify your top efforts.

Integrate Monday with HubSpot to optimise your marketing team

After looking at the features of each, it's a fact that both platforms work best when their functionalities are combined into a single application. However, not everyone has the means to successfully integrate Monday with HubSpot.

But don't worry, because at Occam, we're here to solve your problems (and also your doubts). At Occam, we're specialists in inbound marketing, software development, mobile apps and much more.

Integrations are also our area of expertise, so if you want to integrate with HubSpot and don't know where to start, contacting us is the key step. We'll help you with everything you need!

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