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Discover all the benefits of digital marketing

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You have probably heard about digital marketing hundreds of times. It is traditional marketing, but transformed into digital strategies when we have an online business. You probably already know this, but do you really know all its advantages? We tell you about them!

what is digital marketing?

Nowadays, the Internet has become the main strategy for almost all businesses that want to have a more digital presence. Nowadays, almost all brands, regardless of the sector in which they develop their commercial campaign, want to have a presence in the online world .

This is partly due to the fact that almost all people consult a brand or company on the internet before buying a product or service: they check their reviews, how they perform on social networks... All of this influences the process of selling a product, and therefore, being correctly positioned on the web will help us a lot to positively influence users and potential customers.

To be positioned organically on the Internet, have an active and direct presence on social networks and have a successful website, we must develop a digital marketing campaign. This means that we must adapt the traditional marketing trends that we have always done in our company to new technologies. Or, if on the contrary, we are new to the commercial world, create our marketing campaign always ready for digitisation. It is important since, currently, more of the purchases that are made are made online, that is, through the Internet.

Moreover, if you are a user who wants to know more information about a brand or company, but you do not find any information about it on the internet, wouldn't this give you some food for thought? Or, if on the contrary, the brand is on the web but has very negative opinions, would you still want to buy a product or service with these conditions? You do not need to tell us the answer because we already know it: no.

That's why, if you have an e-commerce you should develop not only a digital marketing campaign, but a good digital marketing campaign, which will help you reach your target audience in a positive way.

The advantages that will bring us are endless, as well as the benefits to our online reputation and the increase of our sales; which will increase our economic level. If you still doubt the importance of developing a good digital marketing plan, we are going to develop in this post the seven fundamental advantages. Stay and read them!

5 advantages of digital marketing

  • Results are measurable: Yes, this is the best thing about digital marketing. We can measure the results of our campaign in its entirety, which will help us to know if it is really working or if there is something we should improve or change in our strategy.

In addition, you can not only know the impact of the strategy, but in which sectors it has had the most impact, what kind of audience we have reached, the repercussion of our action in social networks... And everything we can think of! Some of the things we can measure with digital marketing can be:

  • If our keywords and LSI keywords are positioned correctly.
  • The visits to our website and their behaviour in their sessions (duration of visits, bounce rate, number of unique visitors, devices used, etc.)
  • The content of the blog that is most or least liked: what is its organic positioning, how many visits it receives, how many times it is shared on social networks..
  • The performance of online advertising campaigns or CTAs (call to action): especially the conversion rate (CTR) is analysed
  • Conversions: subscriptions, downloads, completed forms, purchases..

Thanks to the tools used in digital marketing, such as Google Ads, we will immediately know what is going wrong in our plan and correct it instantly.

  • It is cheaper: From its beginnings until now, the Internet has made the costs of carrying out a digital marketing campaign much cheaper. Therefore, if we invest in a small digital marketing campaign we will spend much less money than if we do it for "traditional" channels: advertising on television, on the radio, at advertising fairs... Moreover, a minimum investment in digital marketing can give us great results, since everything will depend on how our brand develops the strategy .

Moreover, as we mentioned before, in a campaign of these characteristics everything is measurable, so it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to check if the results are as expected or not.

  • Reach a greater segmentation: Another of the most important advantages of digital marketing is that it can be segmented in many ways, so it allows us to adapt to our buyer persona, to whom we direct our commercial action.

In addition, the Internet allows you to have a close and direct relationship with users, which will be translated into quality and customer satisfaction when the sales process is completed. This is achieved much more quickly and effectively than with traditional marketing.

  • It helps to create community: As we mentioned in the previous point, digital marketing allows us to be more direct with our audience, this will help users to feel more sympathy towards us and we can create community (especially thanks to social networks).

It also has multiple tools in which your audience can interact with each other, share doubts or concerns among them: for example through the comments on your website or with the creation of an online forum.

  • It is permanent for our brand: All the content that we create and disseminate through our digital marketing strategy is always on the internet. Moreover, it allows us to cross barriers and reach all corners of the world as long as we know how to capture the user's attention in the right way.

Now that you know all the advantages of digital marketing, it's time to get to work and create a good strategy for your brand. After all, digital marketing offers our company the infinite possibility to grow and reach further, which is the purpose of all online businesses.

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