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what is display marketing and why does it generate profitability?

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If you hear "display marketing" you probably don't know what it is, but you have probably seen many digital advertisements that correspond to this technology and you have even clicked on many of them. Would you like to know more? Then read on!

what is display marketing?

Display marketing is a type of advertising that forms part of online marketing strategies, so it is digital advertising. Display advertising is an online advertising format in which advertisements are displayed in the form of banners on the pages we visit, usually at the top or on the sides. In their most basic form, these banners are a combination of images and text. They can also include audio, video or other interactive formats. In fact, the more digital content it contains, the more attractive it is for the user to click on it.

We must take advantage of the rise of new technologies to create quality digital content with the options that are offered to us. Before, we could only create very simple and static ads with a fixed image, whereas now we can create interactive ads that include GIFs, videos or audio and make our advertising campaign more original and creative.

As we already know, in the world of online marketing advertising is very important and, more specifically, digital advertising. In the field of digital advertising it is important to take into account three factors that will be fundamental for its development: the advertisers, the websites on which the banners appear and the platforms or affiliate networks. While the advertisers can be us (our brand), the banners will be our advertising pieces and the intermediary agents or affiliate networks will be the webmasters and advertisers intermediaries.

If an advertiser wants to place advertising on a website through banners, they only have to sign up to one of these social networks(Google Adsense in the case of Google), which will manage the process in exchange for a percentage of the profits. This is how display marketing works, on the advertisers' side, affiliate networks allow them to manage the process more easily and choose the type of websites and blogs where they want to advertise. Logically, the better the match between the type of product or service advertised and the website where it is displayed, the more effective the ad will be. For example, if we are an inbound marketing company, it makes sense to advertise on blogs that talk about this aspect, as it will be easier for users to want to turn to us in places related to their searches.

Therefore, we can summarise that display advertising is what happens when an advertiser wants to advertise on a website and uses external advertising networks (such as Google Adsense) to do so and display it on websites or blogs in the form of a banner ad.

Why display marketing can be profitable for us

Display marketing has many advantages that make it profitable for your company to advertise in this way. These advantages include:

  • You can measure the results: Unlike other types of advertising, with display marketing we can measure the results of the impact of our advertising banners. it allows us to have our key metrics under control at all times: impressions, frequency, CTR... to be able to make the necessary changes on the fly to optimise the results. In this way we will be very optimal as we will know if our advertising is working or not and we will be able to introduce the necessary improvements.

  • They can be segmented: As we already know, when we advertise, although we would like to reach all audiences, what is really important is that we know how to reach our target audience. Affiliate networks allow advertisers to segment their campaigns with a large number of options to ensure that they reach just the right audience and in the places of greatest impact for them.

  • Drive more traffic to your website: When it comes to data, there are already numerous reports that show that 90% of brands marketing online are using display marketing. By having smart, interactive ads, you can deliver more personalised messages. This, coupled with the detailed targeting factor, increases the chances that users who see the ad will click on it. This way you are driving targeted traffic to your website without even realising it.
  • They make a visual impact: If there is one thing that makes us human beings tick, it is how much we are moved by visual stimuli, things that generate an attractive impact to our sight. This is the case of banners. They have been part of the digital advertising world for a long time and yet they never go out of fashion as they are a bait for users and an attractive way to sell our brand.
  • They can be personalised: Through Google Ads advertising tools we can create personalised content, different advertising campaigns that are shown to each user depending on their search consumption. This allows us to always capture the attention of the user we are going to target and will generate a greater impact.
  • It generates sympathy towards our brand: If our brand appears in an advertising banner, the user will get the impression that we are a brand with notoriety and quite influential in our sector. In this way, we will gain the sympathy of users for our products or services and the possibility that they will end up becoming customers.

These are some of the many advantages of display marketing that will help us to achieve profitability for our brand. Advertising is always a way to achieve profitability, but you have to know how to choose the right type of advertising at all times. For this reason, and in recent times, users are looking for all the information on the Internet and the best way to reach them is through the advertising banners that they will find on the pages they consult. In this way, the user will know that we are there and will be extremely curious to know more about us, because as Philippe Michel said : "The job of advertising is not to sell, but to create a cultural connection between the wishes of the businessman and those of the public" .

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