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How to position my website in 2021

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Having a presence in the main search engines is what everyone who has a website wants to achieve, especially appearing in the top positions. When your company designs a website to have a presence on the Internet, you are just taking the first step. Having visibility on the web requires certain techniques aimed at achieving what is known as web positioning.

what is SEO?

Nowadays, one of the most sought-after professionals for a company are specialists in online positioning or SEO. The strategies that are determined for this type of marketing require not only extensive knowledge, but also dedication, effort and resources.

There are mainly two techniques aimed at improving the positioning of a website: SEO and SEM. Both are the methodologies used by search engine marketing to increase and improve the positioning of a website in the results of search engines such as Google.

SEO could then be described as a set of techniques that are applied to a website with the aim of improving its position and visibility in the results pages of the main browsers.

Therefore, we can define SEO as a process focused on placing a specific web page in the top positions of search results for a specific user query.


Difference between SEO and SEM

The pages that are shown in the first results are those that receive 90% of the clicks, as they are perceived as the best and most reliable websites.

Considering that there are millions of users searching the web every day, you can realise that you are losing most of your potential income by not having a positioning strategy. But, what is more profitable, organic or paid positioning? Let's see how they differ:

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is another name that can be attributed to web positioning. It consists of techniques that are applied to the usability of a website, its contents and links in order to improve its position in the internet search results. A good SEO strategy offers us more for less.

Once we have started down the path of discovering SEO we should know that there are two types: SEO-on page and SEO-off page. Click here to find out how they differ.

SEO positioning is something grateful, as it involves little cost, compared to the large costs involved in making paid campaigns (SEM), and you get results. The results are long term and this is why it requires skilled professionals to develop effective strategies. The objectives that SEO develops to achieve positioning are:

    • Define keywords: All those words that users will use to search for information about the content, products or services you offer.

    • Improve the visibility of your web page: Search engines use algorithms to position web pages. These are constantly evolving, changing constantly. However, some aspects that influence them will help to give you visibility. The algorithms used on your page that you can manipulate and those used by other pages through links that allow you to browse the web are just a few examples of aspects that influence the importance of web positioning.

    • Increasing the number of visits: It helps you to increase qualified traffic through search engines, in other words: it helps you to be visited by people who are really interested in what you offer.

    • Achieve a conversion: That they subscribe, buy a product or service, use an application created, etc. All this can also be enhanced with email marketing, supported by a good web positioning.

    • Create quality content: Considering that the traffic you generate is organic, it is much more expensive to position yourself in the top positions, this fact forces you to increase the quality of the content you offer on your website. It is a good incentive to invest time in your brand, so you will also know what users value your content and the relevance it has.

  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a technique that improves positioning through paid methods. After a certain search, the result shows a number of sponsored links managed by the advertiser. As already mentioned, achieving a good positioning is a job that takes time. SEM is the fast but expensive way to achieve it. However, it must be taken into account that the majority of visits from a search engine are achieved through SEO.

The Internet speaks about your company. Search engines like Google are the showcase of your products and services. All the efforts you can put into improving your web positioning will be the greatest allies for your business. The objectives you can achieve with SEM positioning are:

    • Get highly qualified traffic to your page: One of the bases of any digital marketing strategy is to attract the right users to your landings pages. Search engine marketing is very effective in attracting the attention of users and generating clicks and, by allowing you to filter users according to the words they search for, it ensures that this traffic will be made up of people potentially interested in your brand.

    • Make your brand or company known around the world: Placing at the top of Google is a fantastic way to get visibility for your brand. Even if the user does not click on the first click, seeing your page in the first place will make them associate it with the need they are looking to solve.

    • Generate conversions: Google Ads offers all kinds of facilities to measure conversions and ensure that your ads are really effective.

    • Reach far with a budget adjusted to your needs: Search engine advertising solutions combine a great potential reach with the possibility of adjusting the budget to your needs at all times. You do not need a large initial investment, so it is suitable for small and medium-sized companies. Even so, it should be taken into account that there will always be an economic investment.

    • Placing advertising on other websites: With Search Engine Marketing solutions such as Google Ads you can not only place advertising on the search engine itself, but also place contextual advertising on other websites. The possibilities for personalisation are very high: users who have already visited your website, interested in X type of product, from a specific city, etc. Combined with your search engine advertising campaigns, they can be a very powerful tool to grow your brand.

would you like to know 6 tools, both free and paid, that will help you to improve your positioning on Google? Click here to learn more .

How to position my website in 2021

To improve your SEO positioning on your website this year, follow these steps and get your website to appear in the first search results.

  • Optimise your website: that is, improve its usability, load time, create a good web design that facilitates navigation, maintain a good SEO On Page format and invest time in improving the user experience.

  • Write about what your target audience is looking for: this practice is about carrying out a content strategy, which establishes which keywords are those that users will write about and will bring good results.

  • Create quality content: the aim of all this is to provide users with interesting content, which attracts them and invites them to keep reading and continue consuming our content.

  • Add graphic resources: bear in mind that graphic content helps the reader to have a more detailed explanation and makes reading more enjoyable. It can be all kinds of graphics: video, images, infographics..

  • Encourage users to interact with your page: either through comments, the possibility of sharing on social networks or a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

  • Internal links: it is interesting that users spend as much time as possible on our website, which is why it is essential to link articles through internal links that may be of interest to the consumer.

It is very important that you understand that the process of positioning your website in search engines is not a one-day task. It is necessary to update it and look for ways to optimise it on a daily basis. In this way you will achieve that your website is located among the first positions in search results.

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