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SEO and SEM in IT companies

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Nowadays, marketing agencies use different services to develop a perfect Inbound Marketing strategy. Among them we can find SEO and SEM techniques, but what is their role? How do they differ? How do they help the websites of technology companies? If you want to know these and other answers, we advise you to continue reading this article. You will learn about the use of seo and sem in companies in the IT sector.

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Differences: SEO and SEM

Talking about the 90's seems relatively distant. Talking about internet search engines gives us a slight feeling of topicality. However, the first ones appeared two decades ago, so we are not talking about something that is too distant or too modern. We are talking about a phenomenon that emerged some years ago, but with a decisive current function in companies.

seo y sem en las empresas del sector it

On the one hand, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was born out of a concern of website owners who wondered how they could reach the top positions. Thus, we are talking about search engine optimisation, a process of improving the visibility of websites in the organic results of search engines. On the other hand, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the use of tools and strategies that help websites to optimise visibility in paid results or advertisements. As we can see, these are two relatively similar concepts, but with a decisive difference: paying for advertising.

SEO and SEM: How do they help IT companies?

Competition among companies in the IT sector is fierce, so they actively work to occupy the top positions in search engine results, a fact that is becoming increasingly complex. However, they are one of the best methods of attracting traffic, and companies know that. Thanks to the use of these techniques, technology websites have the following possibilities:


  • Long-termprofitability.
  • The content of the website has a great influence on the improvement of the positioning. It must be excellent.
  • Ease of clickability. Users enter more easily in the organic results than in the sponsored ones.
  • Attract traffic The positioning of our website in a natural way and thanks to the content makes it of quality.
  • Improve your presence in the organic lists.


  • Short-termprofitability.
  • Estimation of results: SEM allows you to analyse and estimate the results before starting, as these factors depend to a large extent on the investment.
  • Segmentation: It allows the possibility of making campaigns that appear only in the search results of our target audience.
  • No influence of the content. Regardless of how the content is, you will have the desired positioning in the results.
  • Increase the visibility of your technology company.
  • We can select the landing page that drives the traffic.
  • Attract more visitors to your website by improving your search engine ranking and building a better online presence.

Direct paths to SEO and SEM

In order to implement SEO and SEM strategies on our website, it is necessary to plan the path. For example: in the case of SEM, it is most common for IT companies to carry out keyword research, creative development of descriptions and titles to maximise conversion, creation and development of landing pages, implementation of tracking campaigns by connecting their website with control panels, and monthly click-through analysis. For SEO, however, it is common for companies to try to attract visitors based on keywords defined for search engines.

Once we know what we want to do, the next question that comes to mind is probably: 'How do I do it?

In the case of SEO, technology companies can do this:

  • Market analysis and keyword research. Analyse the competition and make a study of the keywords we are going to work with in the content of our website.
  • SEO-oriented content writing, which will allow our content to occupy better positions in search results.
  • Integration with Google tools, for example: Google Analytics provides us with information about the users who visit our website.
  • Quality links, which are important when it comes to improving the positioning of your website in a natural way.
  • Improvements in loading speed, which is an increasingly decisive factor in search engines.

In the case of SEM, technology companies can do:

  • Remarketing. You will be able to show your banners to users who have already visited your website, which contributes to an increase in sales.
  • Search network: Your ads will appear in the first positions of Google, and people searching for what you are offering will find you easily.
  • Display. You will be able to promote your brand thanks to the creation of advertising spaces to display ads on certain pages.

sEM is not an expense, but an investment!

Throughout this post we have seen some of the advantages that companies in the IT sector can benefit from with SEO and SEM tools. Increasing the number of visits to your website can stop being a dream and become a reality.

build your IT company's online presence and start growing!

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