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how to optimise YouTube videos?

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SEO positioning is not only found in Google, there are other search engines in which we need to be in the top positions for our strategy to get results. Youtube is one of them, the video social network par excellence can show your content or not, to do so, what you need is to optimize your strategy and your videos, do not know how to do it? Read on, in this post we explain everything you need to know.

Within marketing, the most necessary thing is to reinvent ourselves constantly, on the one hand, we can not focus our content strategy on publishing a large volume of information and already, we have to offer our customers a great content of value, as they should be the centre of our strategy, they will depend on the success or failure of our business. It is not only important to generate content that they consider quality, we must also reinvent ourselves in terms of formats. Adding video in our marketing strategy will bring us many advantages, do you want to know what? Read on!

Advantages of adding video to my marketing strategy

Video is nowadays one of the most powerful tools when it comes to optimising our content strategy. More and more brands are betting on video as part of their marketing plan.

The data reaffirm the importance of including video in your marketing strategy:

  • 90% of users watch video online.
  • 4 out of 10 users watch less TV since they started consuming video online.
  • 75% of users agree to watch advertising in exchange for free content.
  • Emails that include video receive 96% more clicks.
  • 90% of users prefer to watch a video of the product before deciding to buy it.

Having reviewed the data, let's look at the advantages of including video in your strategy.

  1. Longer retention
    The user will spend more time on the website if it includes video content, this considerable increase in the time the user spends on our page is beneficial for our organic positioning, the more time users spend on our page, the more likely it is that Google's algorithm will benefit us.

  2. Increase conversion rate
    If you have a page where you sell different products, the best thing you can do is to include informative videos about them, this will increase your conversion rate, the products will seem more attractive if they can see them on video, they will trust the brand more and will feel more confident and better informed. In addition to getting new metrics such as seeing which video has more views, which helps us to know which product is appealing to users.

  3. Increased engagement
    Users increasingly demand more video content, they read less and less, we tend not to get tired and go for the easy stuff. That is why the effectiveness of a video is much greater than that of a text, you have to use it if you want to build customer loyalty, offering content of interest, we will increase engagement and it will be easier for them to share us.

how to optimise my video on Youtube?

Now that we know the reasons why adding video to our strategy is beneficial, let's talk about how to optimise a video on youtube, for that we leave you these tips that you can not overlook.

  1. Keyword in the video file

    SEO tools are not only useful for strategies in which you want to optimise text within the different search engines, keywords are everywhere, and it is logical that you will have to include them in the title of the video, but something that usually goes unnoticed is the name of the file itself before uploading it, the platform will read the name of the file and all its code, so if you want to optimise your strategy, start with the small details that usually go unnoticed.

  2. Keyword in the title
    As we have already mentioned before, the most logical thing to do is to add the keyword in the title of the video, you have to take into account that this title is often what determines whether the user will click on our video or not, so it not only has to be attractive, but it has to clearly show what the video is about. In a clear and concise way. As a last tip regarding the title, try to keep it as short as possible, otherwise it may appear incomplete in the results.

  3. Optimise the description
    Also here you have to be careful not to overdo it, if the user has gone to youtube, it is obvious that the last thing he wants at that moment is to read. The maximum that youtube allows for the characters of the description is 1000, but it is not necessary to use all of them, especially because Youtube will only show a couple of lines, which is usually equivalent to about 100 characters. For this reason you have to start the description with the important information, you have to keep in mind that users may not display the information in the <<Show more>> button.

  4. Add related keywords in the tags
    The logical thing in your youtube video is to use tags so that other users know what your video is about, and not only this, tags are useful for users but also for the platform itself, it will understand what your content is about thanks to them. This way it associates your content with other similar videos, something that helps a lot in the reach of your video. Be careful with the tags you add, do not add tags that have nothing to do with your video just to get more reach, Google could penalize you for it.

  5. Add it to a category
    Another great tip for your video to have more reach is to add it to the category to which it belongs once you have uploaded it, this will help youtube to group it with other similar videos, so it can appear in different playlists. It is not as easy as it seems, you have to think about the exact category to which your video belongs.

  6. Video thumbnail
    The image that you are going to use as a thumbnail in your video is the first thing that viewers are going to look at, depending on this image and the title, they will decide whether or not to view the video. If the image that you decide to put as a thumbnail in your video is customised, instead of the three that Youtube automatically proposes, you will have more chances of improving your performance, to be exact, 90% more.

By following all these tips, you will be able to optimise your Youtube video safely, remember that it is very beneficial for your marketing strategy to add video, but you have to do it with a good content and optimisation strategy within the platform, what are you waiting for to have the best video marketing strategy?

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