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what is video marketing and how does it help to win more customers?

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Video is becoming one of the most used strategies in terms of content, these media that are being used in marketing are ideal for attracting the attention of the new generations, as apart from transmitting proximity, they have a strong emotional impact.

Your competitors are already using video marketing in their strategies, what are you waiting for to do the same and optimise your digital marketing strategy?

what is video marketing?

It is a tool within online marketing that makes use of audiovisual images to achieve different objectives within the marketing strategy that we have in our company. These are usually posted on the internet with the intention of reaching the maximum number of people, and above all, potential customers possible.

In short, videomarketing is a technique in which audiovisual materials are used to promote your company or your brand in a more effective way, this has managed to grow in recent years thanks to the boom in the use of the internet and social networks.

Creating this type of content is not easy, to attract the public has to be a video with quality content, this involves an investment, especially in time and effort, but that investment will soon be rewarded by how beneficial it is in these times the videomarketing. The statistics and data themselves show the incredible positive impact that videos are having on sales, in any type of platform, online video to promote products triumphs.

Videomarketing has been one of the most exploited trends in recent years and it will continue to grow in the coming years as well. According to studies, every year an average of one hour more video is being consumed than the previous year.

The Internet is the place where these videos are growing, and a key place on the Internet to promote these videos are social networks, which is where they have the greatest reach, especially among users under 25 years of age.

which social networks are best to promote my video marketing?

Here is a ranking of the best platforms where you can upload videos for your marketing strategy:

1. Youtube

Worldwide the video platform par excellence has always been Youtube, its most loyal audience is between people between 16 and 25 years old, as we go up in the age range, the hours dedicated to youtube are decreasing and the hours dedicated to watching television are increasing, so there will come a day when all generations will prefer the internet over television.

The most popular videos are those that last around 3 minutes, longer videos end up tiring users or are not attractive to them due to their long duration, and on the other hand, those that last less time can give a worse image in terms of the quality of the video or give the impression that they are not going to contribute anything because they are so short.

2. Facebook

Although this platform is not focused solely on the world of video as youtube is, it is the platform with the most users in the world, so any video marketing that is on this platform can have a reach of millions of people. According to the data, on facebook 100 million hours of video are consumed per day. Not even if we invested our whole life could we consume so much content!

3. Instagram

Although this platform started out as a photo-sharing application, it has evolved and it is becoming more and more common to find videos on it, they can be uploaded to your feed, to stories or even to the new instagram application: Instagram TV. The best thing about instagram is that it is very easy to share these videos on your own profile and on other social networks or platforms.

4. Twitter

Like instagram, Twitter started as a platform where it was not common to see videos, all the content was summarised in text, but like all the others it has been adapting to changes and evolving with new content, such as videos, and now it brings great innovations to the video marketing sector, where you can upload your videos, share them from another platform such as Youtube or even broadcast live.

5. Snapchat

In this platform youth reigns, the audience you are targeting if you show your videos on this platform is a young audience, another feature of this platform is that the videos are very short and are removed within hours, therefore, to be able to reach your audience and get their attention, you have to be concise and your content is striking to capture the attention of your customer and not forget your ad easily.

There are many reasons and advantages of video marketing, here we bring you a list that allows you to see how creating videos as a marketing strategy helps you to get customers:

5 reasons why video marketing will attract customers to your business.

1. Conveys trust

By being able to watch a product on video, it looks more real than with just a photograph or a description, which can also help you to show all the benefits of the product or you can even create a video explaining how to use the product. By being able to watch it, you generate trust and credibility in your customers that you cannot get on the internet in any other way, they feel that they will not be fooled after having seen the product in a video.

2. Lower investment of money

Creating a video marketing is much less expensive than a TV commercial, and you can reach the same people, you can even achieve a greater reach than a company bigger than your own, because what matters is the quality of the video, not what you invest in TV positioning.

3. Increase web traffic

If a user consumes one of our videomarketing that shows a product of our company, if the user has liked the video or the product has caught his attention, he will most likely visit the website either to become a customer or to find more information about the product that was offered in the video.

This generates another benefit, which is to increase the time users spend on the website, looking for the product they liked in the video they can find others that may also be attractive, and once on the website, buying is much easier.

4. Improve product presentation

The message you transmit through a video is much more effective, you can even present services explaining the functions that your company performs, something that would not be possible in a photograph and in a text you would not get the customer's attention.

5. Closeness to the user

Video marketing transmits a closeness that other strategies do not transmit, it allows you to get to know the company and the product in such a way that the experience is very similar to going directly to the company or the shop. It also favours interaction with the user, which is very beneficial as it allows the company to get direct feedback.

After reading all this, what are you waiting for? Video marketing is a resounding yes to your marketing strategy, your competition is already using it for their campaigns, do not lag behind and use all the tips that have been poured in this post to optimize your strategy and become an expert in video marketing.

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