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Best techniques for customer loyalty

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Customer loyalty is one of the fundamental steps in any marketing strategy, but to do so, not only do we have to sell our products or services, but we also have to gain the trust of our customers and build good and solid relationships with them. Today we tell you some of the best techniques to achieve it. Stay tuned!

The 10 best strategies to build customer loyalty

  1. humanise your customer service: Treat your customers with empathy, sympathy and understanding. It is also key that you can generate a sense of closeness with your customers so that a good relationship is generated and they return to your company.
  2. personalise the experience: Related to the previous point, it is also very important that, if you can, you know the name of the person you are talking to, what they need, when their birthday is... Also, if you have access to any preference or specific situation of your customer, use this information for the next interaction. This kind of details will make a difference and will make you please your customer, achieving that feeling of closeness with your company.
  3. create a loyalty programme. Don't forget that the relationship does not end with the purchase. This is a marketing strategy designed as part of a customer relationship plan, which seeks to recognise good buying behaviour. The main objective is to make the customer loyal to the brand. The important thing is to create a consumption goal and let the customer understand that they win if they remain loyal to your brand. Some of the most frequent loyalty programmes are the famous stamp cards or VIP cards. In the same way, don't forget to provide benefits for their birthday such as a gift or a discount, as this allows you to keep your customers happy .
  4. pay attention to metrics: It is very important to make an analysis of your company's costs and investment capacity. We recommend you to monitor metrics and keep an eye on the indicators to know which actions are achieving better results. Three metrics that can help you are the NPS Index, the Share of wallet and the Churn Rate. Thanks to the NPS you can know the opinion and degree of satisfaction of your customers through a simple question: Would you recommend this company to a friend?
  5. Use email marketing. Email marketing is one of the strategies for customer loyalty that you should implement if you want to maintain contact. Thanks to this marketing technique you can manage customers considering their particularities and consumer profiles through segmentation. Create a continuous communication allows you to evaluate how the user feels about your brand and offer possible solutions if a problem has arisen or if you notice that something is not right. We recommend sending a monthly email and not fill the customer's email with spam. Try to inform about the news of your company such as product launches, events and interesting content.

    Mejores técnicas para la fidelización de clientes
  6. offer quality content. Creating quality content is essential for all those who develop a customer acquisition strategy through Inbound Marketing. It is about captivating your customers by offering them something that adds value to their life or work.
  7. conduct webinars and trainings. Webinars or webinars are webinars where a topic of interest is explained to the audience that attends. For example, if your brand offers a marketing software, an excellent loyalty strategy would be to provide free training on its use through a free webinar. Once the webinar is over, your customers will have learned or deepened a topic of interest to them. Your brand will have provided value and this is what we are looking for when thinking about a customer loyalty strategy.
  8. use social networks: Social networks allow you to generate a community that is very loyal to a brand or to any of the products or services offered. To do this, you should create groups in the best social networks, keep your profiles updated and, above all, respond to every query that is received. If you cannot commit to responding to queries, you should hire a community manager to carry out this task.
  9. use a blog: The purpose of a blog is to generate valuable content that differentiates you from your competition and helps you to win new customers and build customer loyalty. So create one.
  10. use chatbots. Again, automation at the service of your customers. Thanks to chatbots, you will be able to offer 24/7 customer service. It is a perfect channel for customer loyalty when you are enjoying your free time or you can't take care of the website.

Mejores técnicas para la fidelización de clientes

We hope that the customer loyalty strategies we have provided you with today can be implemented as soon as possible and achieve the results you want. Also, don't forget that videos and e-books are also very useful content for users to leave their contact details and become a lead, which can mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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