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Improving Google positioning: trends 2021

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One of the best ways to attract users and customers to your website is SEO, but trends are changing at the speed of light and keeping up with these changes is a costly job.

Although complicated, it is worth knowing about these trends as the vast majority of users prefer organic results and ignore results where paid advertisements appear.

Here you can find a list of the most relevant search engine optimisation trends for 2021, which will allow you to improve your SEO strategy by adapting it to new needs and to keep up with your competitors.

8 SEO positioning trends for 2021

To begin with, something that is increasing more and more every year and we are not surprised is the over-information, progressively and increasingly, websites and the information that users receive are increasing, this gives rise to several important trends:

1. transience is becoming the main characteristic of users

The first of these is that users are becoming more and more fleeting, that is to say, they stay only a short time on each website as they are constantly connected and bombarded by information all the time, so it is necessary to be clear about how to catch them so that they stay on the page for the necessary time.

2. Audiovisuals are becoming more important than text

Also due to this over-information, two of the most important trends in 2021 will be photographs and videos. Too much text tires the reader and fails to attract their attention, so they are playing with more attractive methods such as images, which facilitates the user experience during their time on the web. But they are also increasingly demanding with the quality of photographs and videos. A pixelated photo or a poorly edited video can give a bad image to the company.

3. The appearance of virtual assistants reconverts keywords

Due to the modernisation of new technologies and advances in new devices, we find innovations such as Alexa, Siri or the google assistant. For these we have to change the keywords, as people tend to abbreviate when writing but when it comes to speaking, long sentences work better. So we have to take into account the change of keywords .

An example: If you search directly on Google, you will type: "SEO trends 2021", whereas if you go to Alexa, for example, you will say: "What are the SEO trends in 2021?

4. The mobile version is one step ahead of the desktop version in organic positioning

Taking into account the above, more and more people are constantly connected, which means that more and more mobile phones are used to search for information before computers, this trend is one of the most important as it is one of the pillars of SEO positioning in 2021. Google knows this and offers the user the mobile version before the desktop version, so if your mobile version is not updated or you only have the desktop version, it is very likely that Google will decide not to show your website. Adapting to this format is not to disappear.

5. Artificial intelligence takes an important role in the new trends

Google introduced in 2015 an artificial intelligence algorithm called RankBrain which will play a very important role in SEO, this artificial intelligence is changing the way in which users interact with the content of web pages.

In order to optimise SEO for RankBrain, factors such as click-through rate and time spent on the page can play a role. There is a tool called on-page SEO checker that evaluates the potential of a page.

6. Google Discover will query for the user by analysing their behaviour

In 2017, Google launched Google Discover, which generates a type of search in which it is not necessary to consult the user. This tool is part of the new trends that come with artificial intelligence, which eliminates the need for the user to make queries as it identifies the content that may be of interest to the user in a predictive way.

What this tool does is to recognise long-term patterns of user behaviour, then learns from these habits and identifies and launches the content that may be of interest to the user

7. Comply with Google's EAT principle and grab the top positions

Google creates a principle called EAT, which stands for Experience, Authority and Trustworthiness, which helps determine whether a website has quality content. This proves once again that for Google one of the most important factors for ranking success is the quality of the content itself.

To be able to guarantee this quality content, the most important thing is to be clear about who you are addressing, i.e. who your target audience is and who your ideal customer is, so you can understand them and know what content you have to launch to catch them. For example: it is easier to catch a teenage target through videos than to catch them with text, as opposed to if you want to catch an audience of over 60.

8. Size does matter for Google, long formats increase their value

Long-form content is of great importance for positioning after it was shown that "articles with more than 3000 words receive 3 times more traffic, 3.5 times more external links and are shared 4 times more than shorter publications".

This is due to the quality of these long articles, as they are more well thought out than shorter ones, and are proof of authority, image is very important and long articles give a company a very good image. This does not necessarily mean that short-form articles are no longer valuable, they will continue to be valuable, especially thanks to feature snippets.

what are you waiting for to improve your SEO positioning with these new trends?

Taking into account all this list, we can see that these SEO trends are focused on the quality of the content, as right now the war is focused on who can catch more users and who can do it for longer. So don't wait any longer and get up to date with these new trends that will help you to position yourself among the top positions.

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