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Advantages of Storytelling

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Companies have had to reinvent themselves after all the new strategies and ways of attracting customers, users are becoming more and more fleeting and on the internet they spend just enough time on each site, so it is very important to use strategies that capture the attention of users, and not only that, we do not want a message that makes an impact but is forgotten in minutes, we want something that makes the user feel a connection with the brand. This is beneficial in the future for the user to bet on us because they have already empathised before and it will be easier to retain them in the future.

what is Storytelling?

Storytelling is the art of telling a story, i.e. creating an atmosphere through storytelling. In marketing it is about connecting with your users through the message you are conveying, either by voice, in writing or through a character and a plot. The main objective of storytelling in marketing is to connect with users in an emotional way, to reach their heads and hearts through the rational and the instinctive.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" - Maya Angelou.

Storytelling was already used in traditional marketing, but it has adapted very well to the world of the internet, managing to connect very well with the emotional side of people, generating trust and loyalty, so the key to storytelling is to get to know our users better every day in order to connect emotionally with them through a story.

The intention of storytelling is to generate a user-brand relationship through the transmission of a message, so, thanks to this message, the brand is linked to the consumer's mind.

Types of Storytelling

There are different types of storytelling, and these different types are based on the nature of the story you want to tell.

  1. Fiction
    The facts that we tell in this type of storytelling are not real, that is, we are relying on characters and situations that we have created by our own invention so that they can convey the message we want to convey with our brand.

  2. Historical
    This option is very good for big brands that have a long history, if your brand has many years of experience and a great reputation, a good idea is to review its entire history since it started, something that will denote the effort that has been made to get to where the brand is now, thus arousing feelings in the audience such as nostalgia or emotion.

  3. Real situations
    This is one of the most common, it tries to reflect the situations of product consumption supported by the message. The purpose of this type of storytelling is that we see ourselves reflected in the situations that the protagonists are living in that moment, the moment in which they will be consuming the product or service of the brand in question.

  4. Based on brand values
    The key to this type of storytelling is to make the protagonists of the story embody the brand's own values. The main objective of this type of storytelling is for the consumer to relate the brand to the personality of the protagonists, which will position the brand in a much more powerful way in the consumer's mind with those values.

Advantages of Storytelling

Storytelling helps us to communicate a message that manages to transmit feelings that remain engraved in the memory of the public. This technique is difficult to measure, it is not as simple as for example SEO or SEM positioning, but it will still bring many benefits to your strategy, especially for the branding of your brand.

  1. Rememberable
    The message you are trying to convey with storytelling is stored in the memory of users in a much more permanent way, not only are you getting closer to them by reaching their hearts, but you are making the message impact on them so much that they do not forget it easily as they would do with other more commercial advertising.

  2. Trust
    What you achieve through storytelling is to generate trust in your brand among potential customers and users, and why? Because users do not perceive storytelling as intrusive advertising, but rather as a valuable content that is providing them not only with information about the brand, but also with emotions.

  3. Viral
    Content of this calibre has a high chance of going viral, especially on social networks. If people support the values of your company, they will feel identified and will want to share these same ideas on their profile to raise awareness among their own followers, as they believe in your brand and its values.

  4. Values
    There is no better way to transmit the values of your brand, as you can transform them into characters or create the plot that you consider best tells what your brand wants to transmit. People will know you by these values and your branding will improve, positioning you in the consumer's mind in a much more direct way.

  5. Long term
    What you are achieving with this is forging a close and lasting relationship with your potential customers, if you manage to touch them through emotions, it will provoke a feeling in their brain that they will not easily forget, this brings a very positive consequence within your brand, if they are fascinated with what you have told, it is very likely that they will share your story and recommend your brand.

  6. They will choose you over the competition
    Once your potential customers have seen a good story about your brand, it will take them a long time to forget all the emotions they have felt watching it, creating a special bond, this bond will make them choose you over the competition when they have a problem, they will prefer the one who made them feel.

  7. Audience participation
    If you have researched very well who your buyer persona is, it will be very easy to create a story that connects with them, you will know what connects with them, knowing what their problems, needs and goals are, it will be very easy to create a message that attracts them to you, thanks to small videos we will be getting the public to identify with you.

In conclusion, storytelling will bring you great benefits within your company, something that, without a doubt, would attract anyone to start creating this type of content, and you, what are you waiting for to tell your story?

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