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Storytelling, a timeless trend in Inbound Marketing

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Dear reader, on a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rank the strength of stories in your marketing strategy? Don't answer us yet, just think about it for a moment.

In an increasingly technological, innovative and creative world, it seems that talking about change has become the order of the day. It also seems that everything has been transformed. Day after day, we come across headlines that implicitly carry words that trigger novelty, such as 'times have changed'.

However, there is something that is born with humanity and that has remained intact throughout its history, something that arises with us, something that, in order to disappear, we would first have to cease to exist as human beings. Do you know what we are talking about?

We are talking about stories, the role of storytelling in society and its evolution and use by brands. Did you know that stories can be decisive in the results of companies? Are you aware of the number of companies that have already included it in their marketing strategies?

The Inbound methodology is a tool that never ceases to amaze us, so much so that today we want to share with you the relationship it establishes with the art of storytelling. Although it has always existed and gained importance in companies since the 80's, it is with the arrival of Inbound Marketing where an infinite world of possibilities has opened up.

The question we ask you today is: do you know how storytelling can help you connect with your buyer persona?

let us tell you!

where is the relationship between storytelling and Inbound Marketing?

The Inbound methodology is perfect to attract your potential customers and essential to put yourself in their shoes, understand their problems and needs. It is no longer enough to sell a product or service, but what really matters is how you make your audience feel, how you manage to connect emotionally with them. What story are you using to attract yours?

This is where storytelling and Inbound Marketing come together.

what are the benefits for companies?

Some experts say that there is nothing like telling a good story. Communication specialist Christian Salmon, who defines people as storytelling machines, is convinced that we have moved from talking about a 'brand image' to 'a brand story'. He certainly seems to be right.

Eight years have passed since that statement, and although technologies and the world have moved on, the power of storytelling has remained relevant and even increased. Video marketing, for example, has become a good medium to tell these stories to the audience. It is no coincidence that video is already the talk of the town, as it was already the king of 90% of the content shared by users on social networks.


Pay attention to 3 advantages that companies have obtained thanks to the use of storytelling in their Inbound Marketing strategies:

  • Greater trust: Connect with your customers in a different way, present your products, services and even your own employees and increase trust in your brand.
  • Transparency: If you have nothing to hide in your brand, why not use this tool? Transparency is one of the most precious values in companies, and only you can let your audience know it.
  • A place in the memory. Considering the competition in the market, many companies find it difficult to show their differentiation and for the public to remember their brand. Thanks to storytelling, many of them have managed to arouse emotions, to empathise and, therefore, to be remembered by users.

And you, have you thought about what you could achieve thanks to the link between stories and Inbound Marketing?

Empathise with your audience

One-way messages sent by companies through traditional media stopped working a long time ago. Now, everything points to the possibility of connecting with customers, understanding their interests and needs, and satisfying them in a natural way. It has been proven that stories, as well as Inbound Marketing strategies, generate a unique customer experience. That is why more and more companies are joining the Inbound fever.

After reading this post, have you changed the score you gave at the beginning on the strength of stories?

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