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5 Tips for developing your Storytelling

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Storytelling comes to mean storytelling. In a way it could be the art of writing well. In marketing it is fundamental, as it consists of connecting with your users through a story with its character and plot.

"I had to discover and understand my own story before I could listen and help others with theirs" Barack Obama, US President.

Every business has a story to tell, every organisation has a vision, every entrepreneur has a dream and every product has its magic.

Today, storytelling is the most powerful tool when it comes to injecting life into your brand or creating an identity for your products or services through authentic and inspiring stories .

Social media has been given the need to tell stories. Since it is only a broadcasting tool, it is not worth much on its own. There is no point in opening a company page on Facebook if we don't have interesting content that catches the attention of the public. That is why brands have started to use storytelling, which allows us to browse social media and suddenly come across a story that touches us.

storytelling storytelling is telling a story

Time is a very important factor since in digital media everything spreads at the speed of light. Content is now shared, spread and goes viral. The bad thing about this diffusion is that these campaigns remain in time whether they are good or bad. In the latter case it can affect the image or reputation of your company.

As we have already said, the main idea of storytelling is to create content in a planned, integrated way and with a clear purpose: to be original and consistent.

Here arefive essential tips for developing storytelling.

  1. A good storytelling makes customers care about you. In a few seconds we have to know how to answer the question "What's so interesting about this? or "Why should I be interested or care? To answer this question, you must know your company and your differentiating element well .
  2. A good storytelling must be original or at least have a creative twist. Where does the value of your campaign lie? In knowing how to sell yourself in a different and original way.
  3. A good storytelling sells. We must not forget that the ultimate goal of this technique is to sell, to get benefits from the action. For many this type of content may seem empty, because if it is not an advertisement they do not see its use. But if the action reaches the customer, the objective is fulfilled. The storytelling has to solve the problems faced by the customer.
  4. Good storytelling requires a carefully designedstrategy. This technique persuades in a planned way. It has to be structured, it has to have a beginning and a resolution.
  5. Good storytelling doesn't happen in a day. It is anintrinsic process of marketing and happens as you build your brand image, creating connections with your customers, building customer loyalty. Many companies know what they are, but not who they are.

do you think your business could do with a storytelling strategy? Well, don't hesitate and get in touch with us, we look forward to telling your story!


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