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7 types of landings to achieve a high impact on our leads

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A landing page or landing page is located on the website to achieve lead conversions. It is key to optimise a digital marketing strategy. Through the exposure of a specific offer, the user is directed to the page where the objective is to be achieved. This is characterised by a simple design, basic information about the product or service and a form for the visitor to provide their data. The conversion is used for the person visiting the site to perform an action that brings measurable value to the business. Depending on the exchange between the prospect and the brand, this can be direct or indirect. A direct conversion generates immediate results while an indirect conversion retains potential customers.

Based on the objectives of the marketing campaign, a type of landing page is chosen. The launch landing page is the most commonly used and is used for the user to carry out actions such as registering for a promotion or requesting information about a product. To improve the traffic of a website, the home page landing page is the most common as it is located at the beginning and includes CTAs. The landing page with a form gets the visitor's data in exchange for quality content. The last type corresponds to the click-through landing page and focuses on the direct sale of an article.

what is a landing page for?

  • To improve marketing strategies: In In Inbound Marketing, strategies base their success on content. A landing page is used to create valuable material for the user that can in turn be shared on social media, carry out mailing campaigns or lead nurturing, among others.
  • Identify customers: The main objective of landing pages is to generate leads, but they also help to identify which users have more engagement.
  • Place offers: This is an ideal place to publicise your offers or promotions, which can be measured to know their impact on prospects.
  • Obtain data: When a lead converts, they leave a series of data on the landing page, which reveals information about their profile that is useful for segmenting the audience.
  • Check effectiveness: Based on the number of views, click-through rate or abandonment that a landing page has, the effectiveness of a marketing action is determined. It allows continuous optimisation and adaptability to the user.

landing page

what elements make up a landing page?


The first step to capture the attention of the lead is to create an attractive title. It is recommended to describe the offer in a short and concise way. It is essential to connect the title of the landing page with the advertisement to which the user is to be directed.


It is not of vital importance, but it can serve as a complement to the title with a smaller font size.

Audiovisual content

Incorporating images or videos to the landing page to visually represent the offer serves to add dynamism to the page. It is likely that if the user only finds technical information, he/she will find the content monotonous and will leave the site without taking any action.

Benefits of the offer

The landing page should specify the characteristics and benefits of the product or service being offered, which can be summarised in three or four points and, once the consumer's attention has been captured, developed in depth.

Call to action

The objective of the CTA is to get the user to click on the button that invites them to carry out a marketing action. A call to action that is striking and simple facilitates lead conversion.

Customer testimonials

Providing users with testimonials from other customers will give your landing page a persuasive effect. It is an opportunity to generate engagement organically.landing pageTips for creating a landing page

Use copywriting

The text must be persuasive to convince the visitor to perform an action. The role of the copy will be vital to create a landing page. Headlines should be clear and form fields should be short.


A landing page serves to convert leads into customers, therefore, the design and text must be simple and easy to understand for the user. Too many elements can confuse the prospect and cause them to leave the site without taking the desired action.

Optimise design and navigation

It is recommended that the website is visually appealing to the user. The elements should have cohesion with each other and the colours should represent the personality of the brand. Likewise, navigation should be easy and remain optimised.

landing pageTest its functioning

Testing different versions of the same page guarantees the effectiveness of a landing page. Changing the design, text or calls to action will help to identify which ones generate higher conversions.

7 types of landings recommended

1. Splash

Its main purpose is to be an intermediary between the website, social network or blog and another page where offers, advertisements and promotions are shown. When the advertisement ends, it closes automatically and redirects the user.

2. Squeeze

It is one of the most used landings due to its effectiveness in lead conversion. It is also called landing page because of its characteristic of getting the user's email. When the email is obtained, the brand begins a process of lead nurturing by sending promotions and relevant information. For this reason, the design of this type of page is based on the exchange of valuable content such as ebooks or newsletter subscriptions in exchange for the visitor's email.

3. Click through

The main objective of this landing page is to generate leads. It brings value to the website without the need to sell a product. It shows the benefits of the services offered and offers a free trial.

4. 404 Error

Having a convenient 404 landing page for the user will give confidence about the brand. Visitors should perceive the interest of the business in solving the existing error and the guarantee that the website will be back up and running in the shortest possible time.

5. Unsubscribe

If the user wishes to unsubscribe from the brand's newsletter and not receive any more emails, there must be a link that directs the user to this landing page. Its design must be simple and meet the visitor's needs.

6. Sale

It is different from the rest of the landing pages as they are more extensive. They are used to give information to the consumer about a product or service before making a purchase. It has elements such as CTAs, links and real testimonials to generate sales.

7. Lead capture

This landing page is used to obtain information from the user. The length of the form fields is decided in relation to the stage of the sales funnel in which the visitor is.

5 examples of effective landing pages


Simplicity is the protagonist in the Salesforce landing page, with CTAs that stand out from the rest of the elements, as well as simple forms that give the user confidence.

landing pageMarketo

Marketo is a marketing software that uses its landing page to impact the user in a direct way. Its essence lies in brevity and simplicity. The forms they present are short and do not ask for more information than is strictly necessary.


This marketing automation platform is characterised by a landing page that promotes its creation tool, with copy services, graphics and CTAs that capture the user's attention.


The CRM platform stands out for its landing page focused on user experience. Its design is simple, but the brand colour makes it eye-catching. In the foreground there is a call to action to try its services. A chatbot, graphics and information about the different functionalities of the brand are shown at the visitor's disposal.

landing page


This web development platform has a clear example of a landing page with an eye-catching but simple CTA, a cohesive landing page design and a modern graphic line that shows the essence of the brand.

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