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how to get qualified leads?

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The ultimate goal of an online shop or website is to sell. To achieve this you need to develop digital marketing strategies that allow you to get leads or potential customers. The Internet is a very changing environment with a very high level of competition, so it is essential to design tactics to generate leads in order to try to influence their purchasing decision.

Attracting traffic is very important to give your brand more visibility. However, 90% of the traffic we attract leaves without buying and without us knowing who they are. Of that 90%, many could have been qualified leads if you had made them an attractive proposal at the right time. Remember this: the more leads you have, the more opportunities you have to increase your sales. However, not all visitors come to your website with the same intention or in the same way. That is why, those who want to know their leads, need to qualify them.

Scoring and classifying them allows you to create and deliver more personalised and impactful messages, nurturing and accompanying each potential customer. It also allows you to improve the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing and advertising actions. In addition, it allows you to send the sales team clear and increasingly better and more prepared opportunities to buy. When we talk about sales, we cannot omit the sales cycle that any company must implement. During this cycle, you not only attract visitors, but you generate qualified leads that are the step prior to the sale.

7 tips to generate qualified leads

One of the most effective methods requires implementing an inbound marketing project. In short, inbound marketing is a non-intrusive marketing method that attracts customers to your business without having to chase them. In this way, the company can reach the user almost as if it were a two-way communication, only in a non-intrusive way so that the company has "permission" to interact with this user. Thus, you can send communications, share content that may be interesting depending on the phase of the buying cycle in which it is, and even make commercial offers. Here are 7 tips to get the leads you are looking for.

1. Identify the keywords of your industry

Keywords are the main instrument of a research and are the way in which a user types their doubts in search engines in order to get answers and solve their problems. It is important that you know them to know what type of content users are looking for and what type of content to generate. To attract qualified leads, you should be concerned about generating content on specific topics that interest the target audience you have defined.

2. Social media campaigns

Social media is a key strategy to increase your qualified leads. These platforms give you the opportunity to interact with your audience, as well as group your followers with more potential to become customers. The ultimate goal should be to get your followers to your website, in order to increase the chances of conversion.

3. Create landing pages

On a landing page you can provide quality content to promote the conversion of your customers. Likewise, we recommend you to develop information about success stories, demonstrations of your product or service or advanced web seminars/workshops, among others. This will help increase the ROI of your marketing and advertising actions. In addition, it is advisable to include progressive profile creation forms. In other words, gradually ask for new information in exchange for downloadable material or as they read new content. This way, you will get more information to build the profile of your qualified lead.

4. Create content based on how your product or service solves a problem.

We recommend you to talk about your product with an informative approach to let people know about its features, latest updates or differences with other similar products or services. Also, it is important to tell how your product or service helps to solve the possible problems of your qualified leads. This way, you will generate a higher possibility of conversion.

5. Include professional networks

Professional networks are just as important as social networks for acquiring leads. These networks usually share important information where professionals, start-up founders and decision-makers can connect and find new solutions. It is preferable to use these networks with segmented searches by industry, location or by number of contacts or employees, for example. An important fact is that LinkedIn is 277% more efficient at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter.

6. Joint marketing actions with other companies

Your strategy can include teaming up with a company to create content or an event targeted to an audience that can benefit from the solutions that both brands offer. The advantage here is that each brand advertises on its social media and other channels to reach different audiences, as well as sharing its own contact list with the other.

7. Participate in events, fairs and conferences

This allows you to find many potential customers and we recommend that you maintain an active presence at these in order to expand your network of contacts. Also, people who participate in these events often discover new methods, which is an excellent opportunity for them to get to know you.

One of the advantages of generating qualified leads is that it allows companies to expand their customer base. However, what about smaller companies? For them, this extra effort in marketing and sales can mean the use of large resources needed in other areas. For these companies, electronic and online lead generation is a great help, as it automates processes and saves time.

IT has made it easier to generate leads and it is important to take advantage of this. Qualified lead generation allows you to contact potential customers, inform them about new products and gather concrete information about your target group. In this way, you can personalise your communications and reach out to those people who are looking for you.

It is clear that there is no definitive formula to get qualified leads. What you can do is to implement a series of best practices to test what works best for your target audience. In this case you just have to test, measure and if it works, keep testing.

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