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what makes an advert viral? What are the keys?

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Viral marketing involves applying a number of techniques to marketing campaigns to make an ad viral. This is achieved by impacting users and spreading the content. The ad must be contagious so that the audience is interested in it. Humour, sentimentality or provocation can be used to get the customer to react. A viral ad must meet certain essential characteristics. These include the ability to be easily shared on social networks such as Twitter, TikTok or Instagram. The focus is on the content, which must spread as fast as possible and differentiate itself from the competition.

Viral campaigns have millions of views in a short period of time. This is caused by the impulsiveness of the audience wanting to share valuable content and join a community or conversation. Its main objective is to inspire users to share the promotions and news of the brand and achieve exponential growth. The reinforcement of brand recognition is key to achieve a viral ad. It works based on previously agreed marketing strategies, but also influences the luck and timing in which the advertising is launched. The campaign has to work organically to stand out from the rest of the publications.

Advantages of making an advert viral

  • Influencing the user: Through advertisements, a communicative channel is opened. It launches a message that impacts and influences the user to make a decision. In addition, the company enables a dialogue with the market that allows interaction and measurement of the success of the campaign.
  • Segmentation: Advertising has an impact on the audience that reacts in one way or another. This data is analysed, revealing the criteria that work in certain target groups. It allows the target to be defined and future campaigns to be refocused.
  • Lower investment: Social networks are an effective means of dissemination and play an essential role in making an advert viral. By making an initial investment, it is possible to achieve great results by being present in social media.
  • Higher quality: The ads are published following a marketing strategy, which ensures that the content is of value to the user and their attitude towards its reception is positive.
  • Brand recognition: If an ad goes viral it will increase the value of the brand, so that every time the ad is re-launched, it will be well received by the audience.

anuncio viralCharacteristics of viral marketing

  • Personalisation of the user: Measurement tools are used to know the impact of advertising on users. With this information, campaigns can be personalised and have an impact on the brand's target audience.
  • Communication channel: When making an advert, direct communication with the user is sought. The target audience can interact with the brand. Thanks to this, the company can find out their opinions and offer solutions to the most recurring problems.
  • Loyalty: Viral ads reinforce brand values and brand image, which guarantees trust in the company and leads to the start of a long-term relationship with customers.
  • Increased sales: Viral marketing not only aims to sell the product, but also to gain the user's trust in order to offer after-sales service, promotions or information.

what tools can be used to make an advert viral?

  • Social media: For an advertisement to go viral, it must have a presence on social networks, which allow users to interact and enable a communication channel between the customer and the company.
  • Website: In order to have a presence on the Internet, the company must have a website for the company or ecommerce. Through the website, advertisements can be published or news about the brand can be launched.
  • Databases: The company must have a database that stores, organises and analyses customer behaviour. Tools such as Microsoft Access or Razor SQL can be used to manage large lists of data.
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management is a software that stores data on sales and users of the brand. HubSpot is a recommended CRM for effective marketing campaigns.

8 Keys to make an advert go viral

1. Focus on the product

The content of the ad should be direct and clearly express the benefits of the product being offered. The focus should be on the product.

2. Simplicity

It is essential to work with simple ideas so that the customer grasps them easily. Behind a simple advertising campaign there must be a message full of value.

3. Sincerity

It is important to be honest when offering a product. Not exaggerating or misleading about the benefits of the brand will save customers from future disappointment.

4. Personalise the brand

Humanising the company will guarantee the trust of users. It is convenient to personalise the experiences offered and show the most human side of the team behind the brand. The domestic appliance company Balay is an expert in using this technique in their advertisements. They show real experiences of their workers highlighting their values related to the brand.

5. Presence in social networks

For a brand to reach the maximum number of users, it must have a presence on social networks. From there, launching an advert will be easier as it has a community of followers who will interact with it. The use of hashtags or the participation of influencers will increase its viralisation.

6. Seek interaction

Encouraging user participation is essential for the ad to spread. If they feel part of the marketing campaign through games or by giving their opinion, they will get involved with the brand and share your products.

7. Creativity

Your ad should stand out from the competition in your sector. One of the keys is to incorporate personality into the content. For example, use humour as a tool to attract the audience. Funny content is the most shared on social networks. In the same way, creativity should be present. The brand should be unique, different and offer something innovative to the customer.

8. Offer good design and content

For an ad to be balanced and harmonious, the colours used must make sense. The structure of the design is also essential to achieve cohesion between the elements that compose it. The same goes for the message, the copy is necessary to create a message that stands out and impacts the audience. If it is easy to remember, pronounce and catchy, it is more likely to go viral.

9. Use video marketing

Audiovisual elements serve to connect with the user in a closer way. Specifically, video is positioned as a successful element in viral marketing. This medium allows you to create dynamic and original content for the audience, just as storytelling can serve as a tool to capture the user's attention.

4 Examples of viral ads

Cruzcampo and Lola Flores

The beer brand Cruzcampo won three awards at the 2021 Eficacia en Comunicación Comercial Awards. The success is due to the one-minute ad in which they "resurrected" Lola Flores. The hyperrealist spot "Con Mucho Acento" brought the folkloric singer to life by emulating her gestures, voice and intonation with the deepfake technique . Its aim was to vindicate modernity and diversity without forgetting her roots.

Back to school El Corte Inglés

Every year, El Corte Inglés launches its "Back to School" campaign. As the date approaches, there is speculation on social networks about its new ads. Sometimes, they have generated controversy that has inevitably made them go viral. They are usually corporate advertising of children in uniforms and with backpacks. An example of clear and simple ads that capture the user's attention.

Christmas Lottery "El Bar de Antonio"

In 2014, the Christmas Lottery advert moved the audience. It is the advert for "El Bar de Antonio". Its success grew exponentially due to the sensitivity and humanity transmitted by the content. A message of generosity on special dates served to impact society, generating a reaction.

Netflix and its advertising campaigns

The platform carries out powerful and recognisable advertising campaigns. It launches direct messages, sometimes even rivalling the competition. In addition, it is characterised by placing huge posters in key places in large cities such as Time Square or Callao in Madrid. In the latter, the premiere of the series Narcos was announced with the message "Oh white Christmas", referring to the key element of the production.

anuncio viral

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