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9 ways in which a consultancy can help your marketing

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If you like to grow, if you are looking for an effective way to achieve your goals, if you want to join the change and adapt to new market trends, maybe it is time to find out how a consultancy can help you. It is not enough to go to just anyone, because it is necessary to take into account some aspects that we are going to tell you today.

trying is the first step!

what is a digital consultancy?

This action derives from the need or concern that a professional or company has discovered. They need to consult an expert in their sector, because they know that they can find the solution or competitive advantage they are looking for. It is an indirect way of asking: what do I have to do, where do I have to go, where do I have to go?

Adding the terms 'digital' or 'strategic' to consultancy means going beyond that. It means refining the process and the scope from which we want to receive information. Consultancy for Inbound Marketing strategies means acquiring knowledge about what a particular agency offers you and what value it can bring you.

A digital or strategic consultancy for Inbound Marketing involves support in the design and execution of a strategy based on the Inbound methodology.

Aspects to bear in mind before opting for a marketing consultancy

Consultancy is not a game. Neither should it be a light decision. Business consultancy can be a good option for the professional development of companies. The fact that around 200,000 people in Spain are dedicated to consultancy is no coincidence, and they are a great help to many organisations.

General aspects:

  • Experience in the sector, which is essential for any company, especially when it comes to focusing on the path to leadership.
  • They can show you a similar case in which they have helped a company. This generates in the client a spirit of trust towards the consultancy, as well as a kind of thinking that responds to "If this company has done well, why shouldn't I do well?
  • Online reputation: This refers to the reflection of the brand's prestige generated in online media or networks.
  • Observe what it offers. It is essential to predict whether it fits your needs or not.

Specific aspects:

  • Ability to listen. It is essential for any type of communication, especially if it is about such a decisive aspect as the operation of a company.
  • Cognitive flexibility and patience: These are two essential pillars for adapting behaviour or thoughts to the circumstances or changes in each person.
  • Analytical: able to obtain information to support their proposals in order to construct feasible alternatives.
  • Methodical: Ability to divide the project into periods or phases and to manage time appropriately.
  • Committed: promises must be transformed into reality, because, as S. Lehman points out, "the absence of commitment turns the choice into a triviality".

9 ways a consultancy can help your business

Undertaking an Inbound Marketing strategy is not an easy task, especially if you don't know much about this world yet. That's why companies think, consider different possibilities and look at various alternatives, but do you know what they are looking for? If you find yourself in this situation, it's time to find out how a consultancy can help you:

  1. It provides knowledge of the subject in question and solves all your doubts.
  2. Itguides your company on its way to growth.
  3. Design and manage a successful Inbound Marketing strategy and implementation.
  4. Attract your ideal clients.
  5. Position your company as a leader in your industry.
  6. Establish the foundations to improve contact with your prospects.
  7. Help evaluate them.
  8. Close and improve sales processes in less time.
  9. Optimise your website to improve the user experience.

In Inbound Marketing, the rules are clear: attract, educate and generate trust. Nowadays, many of the big companies that are on the verge of success started with a consultancy, and it is nothing more than an investment in ourselves, in our survival and in our success.

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