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The role of Engagement in Inbound Marketing Strategies

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Engagement is one of those trendy concepts that we often hear in passing, we come across it in the results of our organic searches, and people mention it all the time. However, we have some questions to ask you: do you know what it means, how important is it in the Inbound methodology, are you using it without being aware of it, are you using it without being aware of it, are you using it without being aware of it?

in this post we are going to tell you what it is, what its function is within Inbound Marketing strategies and why it is important for companies to take it into account.

let's get started!

The true meaning of Engagement

It consists of creating solid and lasting relationships with the people who follow us. Easy, isn't it? The complexity of this term lies not so much in its definition as in its achievement, as we have already mentioned on occasion the effort and work needed to attract users, convert them into leads or sales opportunities and, finally, into buyers who are loyal to our brand.

Let's go a little deeper. We said that engagement is about creating solid and lasting relationships. However, ready to dive into this world, we have to say that this capacity comes from a product, a brand or a blog, for example. So, you know what to call the creation of solid and lasting relationships generated from your website.

Engagement estrategias de inboundEngagement is the dream of many, but the practice of very few. Those who work to achieve it find in its results the possibility of measuring repeat purchases, the number of visits by a user and, in short, a perfect way to measure and increase the trust and 'love' of your visitors towards what your team does day after day.

Loyalty does not end, it begins.

The relationship between Engagement and Inbound Marketing

It is possible that with what we have explained so far you are getting a slight idea of the fine line that separates these two concepts. In any case, the first one works with the second one. Thus, engagement is part of the Inbound Marketing strategy for several reasons:

  • It is the pillar that gives life to the main objective of Inbound Marketing: to attract potential customers and convert them into loyal buyers of your brand.
  • They share the same objective, which is based on attracting customers and building customer loyalty.
  • It generates the necessary and sufficientinteraction to move the Inbound strategy forward.
  • Content is a fundamental pillar in both engagement and Inbound Marketing, as it is the fuel that drives both concepts.

Stable and lasting relationships are important for almost all aspects of our daily lives, not only personally but also professionally. Listening, observing and conversing are the three verbs that make this possible and that lead us to focus on the customer and not on sales. We use the engagement technique to cover one of the main objectives, that of making users want our product or service and remain loyal to it.

how important is content in engagement?

In a word, everything. Content is the material that we offer to our potential customers and that, therefore, attracts them to our website. It will be the cause of their attraction, first, and their conversion, later. The relationships established with them will depend, to a large extent, on the type of content that we generate, because the moment it stops providing them with value, they will stop showing interest.

Content creation is so important for engagement that it is essential to ask ourselves a series of questions before starting to publish it. These are the effects of the transition from attraction marketing to attraction marketing fuelled by the quality of the posts. However, once we have asked ourselves the questions about what we are going to write and how we are going to do it, it is time to ask ourselves:

  • The purpose: What do we want to achieve with the content we are going to generate?
  • The format: How are you going to show the content, in what way do you want to offer it?
  • The topic: what are you going to talk about, what are you going to tell your potential customers?

At the same time, it is essential not to lose sight of the following elements: appropriate length of the content, keywords to be used, visual resources, internal and external links to be included, and care for coherence and tone.

There is no doubt that personalised, adapted and organised content allows us to educate our visitors and potential customers, as well as offering an excellent point of convergence between them. Thus, we can affirm that content marketing gives rise to the energy that keeps the flame of the Inbound methodology burning.

We talk about Engagement and Inbound Marketing and we act to create solid relationships. Do you also want to achieve this?

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