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what is endomarketing?

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Digital marketing is reinventing itself every day and new terms are constantly appearing, we have to keep building strategies if we want to keep moving forward and getting customers. We are facing a rather unknown term, but that's why we are here, to clarify it, so if you don't know what endomarketing is, keep reading!

what is endomarketing?

Endomarketing is a strategy that comes from within, it's an internal marketing strategy that emphasises the importance of motivating your team to get good results, which is basically to make your employees fall madly in love with their work.

Normally most marketing strategies are based on keeping customers happy, this is a very important point, but we cannot forget to take care of our employees, as they are a big part of the company, and taking care of them can bring us great benefits. Firstly, according to a study by Talento Conectado of Infoempleo and EY, 45% of users trust the evaluations of workers regarding the company.

If a work team is happy with the company, the commitment that these employees have with the company will increase and they will end up working better, but this is not the only advantage, this motivation of the employees with respect to the company will result in attracting more workers to the company, among which, most of them will be qualified. Several experts agree that there is a very close relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, endomarketing is based on internal marketing, that is, it consists of a series of tools that are used to raise awareness, inform and motivate the employees of a company. The most important thing is motivation, getting employees to feel motivated to perform their tasks, you will get a lot of benefits for your company. Think that if these workers do not feel motivated with their work, they will not be able to perform their tasks efficiently, this will lead to negative results for your company. In addition, your employees are truly the ambassadors of your company, and in times of social networks is very important not to have detractors and get the largest possible number of brandlovers, if your own employees love the brand, it will be noticed in the sales results.

If your employees feel satisfied with their work, this will be reflected in your external customer. This technique is one of the newest, not all companies are using it, so do not wait any longer and get to work with your endomarketing strategy.

Advantages of using endomarketing in my strategy

  1. Increases productivity
    According to the data, when your staff is happy, the people who make it up will have up to 33% more energy, making them adapt better to changes and feel more identified with the values and purposes of the company. All this increases the profitability of the business as workers achieve better results.

  2. Employee loyalty
    By building employee loyalty, you are reducing job rotation. Rotation in a company is not good, not only does it cause imbalances but employees have to go through a period of adaptation each time they rotate, which makes them lose time and slows down their growth. If the space in which the employee is moving is pleasant, they will be able to develop professionally more easily. Without rotation within the company, the employee will feel more part of the company, they will be very clear about their objectives and values and will want to grow with the company.

  3. Qualified talent
    As we said before, companies always bet on the most qualified profiles and also try to attract them. If the workspace is good and the team in general is happy, this will be known and will increase the number of qualified workers who want to be part of the team.

  4. Feedback
    When your team is happy with the working environment, they will feel more comfortable to communicate and contribute new ideas, which will arise because they are involved in the company. With this, the company will benefit from new ideas and contributions, which will lead to innovation.

  5. Improving internal communication
    An endomarketing strategy is closely related to internal communication, which will flow in a much more natural way, as there will be a better working environment and employees will feel more comfortable expressing their opinions to the rest of the team.

  6. Results and quality
    When a person is motivated, this has a direct and positive influence on performance. If employees feel motivated by the company's objectives, they will work harder to achieve them because they will feel ownership of them.

how do I create my endomarketing strategy?

  1. Convey your enthusiasm
    If you manage to transmit to your employees the enthusiasm you feel for your brand, everything will go smoothly, employees must fall in love with the brand, if they know well its values and philosophy, you will be creating a very important corporate culture within the internal part of your company.

  2. Reward effort
    If your employees make an effort in their work, tell them so, create methods through which you reward the value of their performance in their job. If you also listen to their proposals and ideas, they will feel involved and will be part of the brand.

  3. Create internal communication tools
    There needs to be a tool that can improve the flow of communication within the company, a place where they can get information and communicate their doubts or proposals.

  4. Encourage leisure activities
    By organising certain courses or activities, not only will you get your employees to grow professionally and be more qualified, you will also be getting them to improve the relationship between them, it is not only important that the employee has a good relationship with the company, there must also be a good working environment between them, and with these activities you get workers to have a better relationship between them.

In conclusion, what endomarketing or internal communication achieves is to improve the working environment and the perception that employees have of the company and the brand, thus increasing the production and profits of the company.

get into endomarketing inside your company and get results!

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