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6 Marketing trends

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Let's talk about this year's trends in online marketing . What can we do or change in our strategy in order to attract more customers, build customer loyalty and keep up to date? BEWARE! Humanisation and empathy are essential.

Brands must change their attitudes to become brands with meaning and personality. To do so, they must be open, honest, representative... but above all, they must help users.

  1. Costumer experience.

Integral interaction between the consumer and their brands with the aim of building an emotional bond and long-term customer loyalty. Its application is to create experiences that generate empathy in the user. However, the challenge we face is to take it to the network and then to the shops.

Therefore, what companies transmit on social networks must be as empathetic as possible, seeking the identification of the user, making them feel part of a community. The challenge? That what we say and what the user wants is not very different. Here are some of the new trends in online marketing, according to Occam.

  1. Big Data.

Also known asbig dataor massive data, it can be considered as a science that studies behaviour or repetitive patterns. This is the case of Amazon, the giant in Internet sales and leader in cross-selling. The success of this company is based on the fact that it studies the purchase patterns of one user crossed with the purchase data of another, creating personalised ads and mailing that include what the user wants at that moment. That is, for example, we are browsing a shop page and then ads appear on Facebook about that product or service.

  1. Internet as an audiovisual medium.Tendencia Marketing

Every day we can see how the Internet is positioning itself as a medium through which to reach millions of people around the world, placing it ahead of traditional media. In addition, with the arrival of digital video, socialising has becomeonline and social networks have become an essential means of making this content viral.

Written manuals have gone out of fashion. Users no longer have patience. Information is once again transmitted verbally and in audiovisual form. Fast, interesting and effective. The era of streaming video has also arrived, i.e. live video which, together with 360º video , makes the virtual experience even more real. This means that the way of offering and consuming content on the networks has changed, allowing for direct contact with the audience
this means that the way content is offered and consumed on the networks has changed, allowing direct contact with the public and transparency of information.

  1. social eCommerce.

socialeCommerce refers to online shops, i.e. selling through social networks. Instant access to purchase products or services from social networks is an untapped opportunity for SMEs.

  1. Web design.
  • Multi-screen designs:the fact that we have to adapt the content to different devices is nothing new, as it is not the same to see our page on a computer as on a mobile or tablet. When designing these elements we have to take the user's experience very much into account.
  • Illustration: Less photos and more illustrations, which connect much better with the user, are more generic and can be personalised and adapted to the image of our company.
  • This goes beyond the image, the objective is to give life and movement to the web, which will provoke a positive user experience, as well as achieving a greater impact.
  1. SEO, search and Web positioning.

DuckDuckGo is the fastest growing search engine in 2016 and its main feature is that it allows us to maintain our privacy while browsing.

Voice search will become the great competitor to text search. It has gained momentum thanks to the use of mobile phones. Google is also planning to add a voice recognition function to all its applications. This will increase the number of queries and help us to obtain a faster and more fluid search.

Last but not least, Apps will have to be optimised to improve their search on platforms such asGoogle Play or APPStore.

If you want to see how we apply some of these new features to our services, visit our website.


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