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what is the lead magnet and how to implement it in your strategy?

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It is important when it comes to having a website on the internet to get visitors to your page, but more important is to convert those users into leads, if we have a website that attracts many visitors but does not convert, it will not be bringing us benefit. There are many ways to achieve this, in this post we will talk about the Lead Magnet and how to implement it into your strategy.

what is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is simply a free content that you offer to your audience knowing that it will serve them or they will consider it a valuable content, this content is offered with the intention of exchanging it for their data, i.e. their name, phone number, email... and other data with which they can be contacted.

With this data what you are achieving is that users become leads, which increases the chances of them making a purchase on your page.

In order to create this content and convert users into leads, it is very important to be very clear about who your buyer persona is. If you are clear about this, you will be able to create the best content because you will know what their needs and desires are. If the content you create is perceived as quality content, your audience will appreciate that you have provided them with this information, they will feel that getting into your page has been worthwhile and will want to become a lead as soon as possible. Therefore, they will provide their data in the form in order to get more information in the future.

what are the benefits of creating this content?

The main benefit is clear, the increase of leads, but it is not the only benefit that the lead magnet brings us, here we tell you all the benefits it brings to our strategy:

  1. More potential customers
    This benefit is very clear, and the more leads you get, the more potential customers you can get, the probabilities increase, and so do sales.

  2. Contact database
    Thanks to the lead magnet you can obtain a large amount of information from your potential customers and leads, all this information helps us to increase our database, and having a complete database we can optimise our strategy to the maximum and create new ones that will benefit us and generate a large volume of sales.

  3. Build reader loyalty
    If you take care of the content you generate, your readers will realise the value you bring them and will want to continue consuming it because it brings them benefits and solves certain aspects of their lives by covering specific needs. If you make sure that this is the case, you will have no problem in creating loyalty among your readers.

  4. They will find you more easily
    If a user is looking for something related to our product, thanks to the lead magnet they will find us more easily through the different search engines, so when you create content, you can't forget to use SEO positioning techniques, so you will get much more traffic.

how to create my own Lead Magnet?

Now that we know what a lead magnet is and all the benefits it has, surely you want to create one for your own brand, do not worry, here we leave you a series of points that you must meet to get to create yours, read on!

  1. Buyer persona
    The most important thing when creating a good lead magnet is to have your buyer persona well defined, if you know your potential customers well, it will be very easy to create content that is specifically for them. Find out what their concerns, needs and problems are, with this you will have enough information to continue creating publications that provide value to your audience and make them want to continue consuming your content. On the other hand, you can analyze this information, that is, know which posts have had more visits, more reading time or more comments and thus know what content is of more interest to our visitors. Thanks to this you will be addressed directly to your target audience and you will not waste time.

  2. Create a content outline
    What we offer users with the lead magnet is free content that we provide in exchange for their information, so we have to keep in mind that this content cannot be too long. It is advisable that the content is simple, that it answers the questions that our audience has and makes them want to come back to us for more content.

how to implement it in the strategy?

Once we know how we can create our own lead magnet for our company, we are going to see a series of examples of lead magnets to be able to implement them in our strategy.

  1. Downloadable content
    One of the clearest examples of a lead magnet is to offer your readers extra content within the post that they can download in exchange for giving us their information.

  2. Content in PopUps
    If the previous method does not bring you the results you were expecting, you can try PopUps, it is a somewhat intrusive but very effective method to get those data that we need so much in our strategy.

  3. Free courses
    If you prepare a course on a subject that has to do with your brand, your potential customers will want to take it, if you tell them that in exchange they have to subscribe to your newsletter, they will do it, because a course is a high quality lead magnet.

  4. Widget on your blog
    One of the most powerful ways of attracting leads is to include different options or learning routes in your blog that the user will want to access, and in order to access, they will have to provide their details, name and email.

Common mistakes

After all this, let's leave one last list of tips, this time with the most common mistakes you should avoid when creating your lead magnet.

  • Not targeting your ideal customer: You must be very clear about who your buyer persona is and create content according to them.
  • Dealing with very general topics: Having defined your ideal client, create specific content that can help them, don't go off the deep end.
  • Spelling mistakes: If you make mistakes in writing, whether they are spelling or writing mistakes, you will lose credibility and your potential customers will not trust you to leave their data on your website.

In short, a lead magnet is a content that will only bring benefits to your company if you use it well, and how are you going to use it badly after all these tips?

get to work!

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