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what is content marketing?

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If you are in or passionate about the world of digital marketing, you have surely heard the phrase "content is king" thousands of times, and no wonder. Content marketing or content marketing is one of the strategies that has grown the most in recent years, because offering valuable content has become almost mandatory for brands.

Today we tell you what is content marketing so that you know everything about this marketing strategy. Keep reading so you don't miss anything!

what is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating, publishing and sharing relevant content for your target audience, with the aim of acquiring new customers in a non-intrusive way. This content has to be relevant and valuable to attract the attention of your target audience, with the goal of converting them into future customers.

The purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain potential customers by offering them relevant and valuable content. To achieve this goal, the main thing is to have a well-defined buyer persona profile, since all your content is aimed at them.

The key to this technique is to arouse the interest of your buyer persona, and to do this you must respond to their doubts, needs and problems. You need your content to attract their attention, so do not focus on just one format, as there are many different ways to disseminate information. The most common way is with articles and reports on the blog, but you can also offer podcasts, video tutorials, interviews, ebooks and downloadable guides, infographics, social networks, etc.

If you want it to work, you can't focus on just one format, because your audience will get bored. Take advantage of all the different ways you have available to disseminate quality content.


Benefits of content marketing

Here are the advantages of implementing this marketing technique in your business:

  1. increased traffic to your website or blog. Content marketing is the ideal strategy to attract traffic to your blog or website, because when someone decides to stay on your page is because your content is interesting. In addition, if you get to have quality content Google will compensate you by placing you in the top results of your SERP.
  2. improve your search engine positioning or SEO. As we mentioned in the previous point, creating quality and relevant content is compensated by search engines. Getting a better positioning in Google's search page is fundamental. Don't forget that your content must be optimised to help you to be in the first results.
  3. it is a less expensive strategy in the long run. Other digital marketing strategies have a more immediate result than content marketing, but the initial investment is much higher. Content marketing may seem expensive, especially in terms of time, but in the long run it is worth the investment, as lead generation is less costly and more effective.
  4. increase your database. In the previous point we mentioned how this technique helps you generate more leads, which translates into an increase in your database. These leads will leave you their details in exchange for quality content. By leaving you their information for free you will get their contact and you can continue to maintain the relationship to lead them to the sale.
  5. you increase engagement. When you publish content regularly on different platforms, you get your target audience to visit you regularly. Moreover, if this content is participative, you will get your audience more interested, they will ask you questions, share and recommend you, so you also get their trust.
  6. you generate more sales. By increasing traffic to your website and publishing content on a regular basis, you guide your leads through the whole buying process up to the sale. By creating quality content, you generate trust in your audience, which prepares them for conversion and keeps them moving on to the next stage of the conversion funnel.

why is content marketing important?

Throughout this post we have told you that content marketing is the creation, publication and dissemination of relevant content for your buyer persona, but why is this strategy important for your business?

Responding to the doubts, needs and problems of your target audience will be essential for them to choose you among the other options. Nowadays, the market is increasingly competitive and there are many more options to choose from, so making a difference will be essential.

Users are looking for information before making a decision, and that is where content marketing comes in.

Not only that, content marketing helps you to work on other strategies such as SEO positioning, because you can't forget about search engine positioning when you create your content, it must be optimised to please Google and help you to be in the first results of the SERP.

Other strategies where content marketing comes in is social media. Your social media strategy is linked to generating relevant content for your users, and most of the time, social media is used as a means to spread and announce new content on your website or blog.


Now that you know what content marketing is and what its advantages are, it is time for you to implement your own strategy. The importance of content marketing is evident, so it must be present in your digital marketing plan.

Don't forget that to carry out this strategy successfully you must not lose sight of the profile of your buyer persona.

we hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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