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what is brand awareness?

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Brand Awareness means brand awareness and is a metric that measures how much and how well a brand is recognised by users. It is fundamental, since the objective of companies is to achieve notoriety, to be well remembered by the public and to obtain sales.

what are the benefits of brand awareness?

  • Increase sales. When consumers go out in search of a product or service, they may have one, two or more brands in their minds as a reference. For the company that has its brand among the most remembered by the public, its sales results are usually better than others that are not well thought of. Being an initial reference makes people trust the quality of that product more. In addition, consumers tend to look for what those brands offer before even giving new options a chance.
  • Raise the brand's reach: Since one of the objectives of brand awareness is to make a brand better known, it is natural that the brand's reach also increases.
  • Improve other marketing campaigns. When you know how much and how a brand is noticed by the market, it becomes easier to develop a marketing strategy, especially branding or advertising.
  • Generate brand associations in the minds of potential customers. A brand has the power to connect you with a memory from your childhood or an important event in your life.
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs. Marketing strategies to increase Brand Awareness attract new customers at much lower costs than more traditional methods, which in turn reduces the company's customer acquisition costs.
  • Increased customer retention: Brand awareness plays an essential role in customer retention. Newsletters, promotions and surveys are just some of the useful methods to support the long-term relationship between the customer and the company.
  • Increased re-targeting opportunities: Customers who were about to make a purchase but then decided not to continue interacting with a company are valuable business resources, as their level of brand awareness is already high. Re-targeting helps to find them and restart their customer lifecycle with personalised offers and promotions.

¿Qué es el brand awareness?

how to create or improve a good Brand Awareness strategy?

  • Create referral programmes: By investing in referral programmes, your company rewards those customers who promote your brand and bring you new buyers. It is one of the main ways to maintain an engaged customer base and expand your reach into new target markets.
  • Differentiate your visual identity. In addition to personality, a brand's visual identity should also be unique. In the end, values are shared by different brands in their campaigns.
  • Personalise gifts with your brand. You can create anything from trainers or T-shirts to simple things like mugs, key rings or pens personalised with your company's visual identity. These kinds of gifts are very useful for the public and make them carry your brand with them in their daily routine.
  • Position your company well on Google. A very modern way to make your company better remembered by the public is to put it on the first page of Google. Many consumers have acquired the perception that companies that appear in the first search positions are the main referrers in those topics. And that is true, since Google usually favours websites that offer the best user experiences for its visitors. Therefore, consider implementing a strategy of SEO and sponsored links to make your brand, little by little, well positioned in the search results for keywords related to your business.


how do you measure brand awareness?

Los nombres que suelen aparecer en relación con el Brand Awareness son los del economista David Aaker y del profesor Kevin Lane Keller, que fueron los primeros en identificar la marca como “un conjunto de actividades vinculadas a un signo distintivo (marca, nombre, logotipo) que representan el valor añadido de un producto o servicio”.

Son los creadores de la Pirámide de Brand Awareness que muestra los diferentes niveles de notoriedad o familiaridad que una marca puede alcanzar y por los cuales se puede medir el Brand Awareness. Se distinguen las siguientes fases:

-Unaware Brand: falta de conocimiento de la marca
-Brand Recognition: reconocimiento de la marca a través de preguntas que la recuerden (por ejemplo, “¿Conoces la marca X?”).
-Brand Recall: cuando el consumidor asocia espontáneamente la marca con productos o servicios sin necesidad de estímulos externos. xml-ph-0004@deepl.interna

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